If you’ve been following our updates from the Adoption Tax Credit Grassroots Campaign, then you already know how important this advocacy campaign is to save something that is extremely important to any past, present, and future adoptive families. We received the final message from the campaign’s Executive Committee this past weekend, and they asked us to pass it on.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Calls to Action: Use this last week of the Grassroots Campaign to check congress.gov and see which Members of Congress have become cosponsors of S.1056 and H.R.2144. Use this opportunity to send those members a quick note in appreciation of their support. Tell them how important this credit is to your family and how much you appreciate their fighting to protect it.

In honor of Mother’s Day, send a final message to your own Members of Congress about the importance of parenthood through adoption. If you are comfortable, consider including pictures of your family to help bring the issue alive for the Members of Congress and their staff. As a reminder, here is an easy tool to automatically send a letter (you can still personalize!) to your Members of Congress.”

Please do your part to save the adoption tax credit!