Adoption Story: Maria & Alex


One thing that we’ve found to be helpful for expecting parents and hopeful adoptive parents who are exploring adoption is hearing real adoption stories from real families. It’s a powerful way to educate people about the benefits of adoption. We asked our Adoption & Beyond families if they would share their stories with us. Here is Maria & Alex’s story.

We asked them to answer this question:

What does life after adoption look like for your family?  

After about 2 years of waiting, we got the call from Adoption and Beyond about our potential placement on a Monday and by Sunday we were driving our child home from the hospital. Since this was our first child and our first adoption our family changed dramatically almost overnight; We could not be happier!

Our family and friends, who were cheering for us during the adoption process, were so happy for us. Our son is growing into a smart, joyful, and kind person. We love him so much and love being parents to him. Our extended family immediately fell in love with him. He has become the center of all holidays and family gatherings. Our favorite family activities are playing in the park, going on long walks, and building things with Duplo blocks.

One of the biggest surprises through the process was meeting the birthparents and getting to know them. Before going through the process, we were scared of how the relationship with the birthparents might be or if they would want to contact us. It turned out that the birthparents felt the same fears. They were so kind, friendly, and thankful. We are blessed to know them and that they can be a part of our son’s life. We keep in regular contact sending pictures, text updates, and meeting occasionally.

We are so excited for the future for our son and our family. We have begun the adoption process again and hope to welcome a new member to our family soon!

Steffany ave

Founder & Director

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Meet Steffany Aye, the heart behind Adoption & Beyond since its inception in 1998. Fueled by a deep passion for supporting both birth and adoptive parents, Steffany's journey as an adoptive parent has continued the foundation for this non-profit adoption agency.

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