The Do’s and Don’ts of Adoption Financing


adoptive parentsIf you’re a prospective adoptive parent just beginning the adoption process, then you’re probably starting to realize the financial implications of going this route. While this is going to be a very trying time for you and your family, financing your adoption does not have to be as worrisome of a factor as you might think. Thanks to our friends at Adoption Financing Coach, we can give you some do’s and don’ts to help you through this:

DO create a comprehensive plan for achieving financial goals.

Your adoption agency or professional will provide you with a list of the
expenses necessary to complete your adoption. However, sometimes
in this list, there are gaps with regard to pre- and post-adoption
expenses. While it is not intended to deceive, there is simply not a
one-size-fits-all adoption.

DON’T overlook the possibility of grant money.

There are many wonderful foundations and organizations that help
adoptive families pay for their adoption expenses. But be aware,
these grants take a great deal of time and energy, and are highly

DO develop your inspirational story.

The key to telling an inspirational story is agreeing on the actual story.
Share the compelling reason why you are choosing adoption and be
ready for a rebuttal. This is not because so many people are adverse
to adoption. On the contrary. It is primarily because there are so many
myths about adoption, which range from good to bad to ugly.

DON’T ignore adoption tax laws.

While you will receive cash gifts for your adoption, understand they
are not tax deductible for the individual giving the gift. These are cash
gifts that you will use to pay for your adoption expenses. And if these
expenses meet the qualified adoption tax credit rule, it is likely you
can count them toward your adoption tax credit.

DO display your gratitude.

You will get caught up in the paperwork. You will get caught up in the
logistics, politics and the emotional roller-coaster of adoption.
Whether it is an international or domestic adoption, this is a virtual
pregnancy fraught with ups and downs like no other. So hold on, but
don’t forget to say thank you to those who are holding your hands,
such as your social worker, case manager or adoption professional,
who is doing the heavy-lifting and making the adoption happen.

DON’T forget to educate and inspire.

Adoption is expensive and emotional. But never beg or complain
about how tough it is. Instead, educate and inspire. Invite and be
inclusive with the process. Lean on a close group of family or friends
with whom you can share the tough times. For others in your
community, give them information and inspiration often, so they can
be a part of your journey.

Yes, the adoption process for prospective families can be filled with its ups and downs, but in the end, the end result is worth facing those challenges for. For a full list of Adoption Finance Coach’s Do’s and Don’ts of financing your adoption, click here. If you think you might be interested in adoption, we’d be happy to send you some information, or simply contact us today!

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