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If there’s one constant about adoption, it’s that the process is different for everyone. Regardless of how different your adoption story may unfold, it doesn’t change that we all have the same anxiety.


That’s why I created the All About Adoption Facebook Group for families interested or currently working through the adoption process. In my 27 years as an adoption professional and adoptive parent, I’ve seen many support groups. I created this group with those perspectives in mind. Offering the tools I believed helped me and additional ones that I felt like would have helped me.


Here’s what this Facebook Group can offer and how community can help you through your adoption journey.


  1. Having adoption professionals involved. Not only will you be connected with families, but adoption professionals as well! Our moderators will help support as needed. We have social workers and adult adoptees to bring in their perspective. 
  2. Being with other people that get it. If you find yourself unable to express your feelings during the adoption process with others, connecting with a community can alleviate those pent up emotions. There’s really nothing like speaking with someone that gets it. We’re here to offer that unique support that you may not find within your current circle.
  3. There will be no question that can’t be answered in our group. Between our mods, social workers, and families within the group, you have 24/7 support. 
  4. We’re in the Kansas and Missouri area, it’s a great opportunity to connect to local families. 
  5. Support no matter where you’re at in your adoption journey. This is a great resource for those considering adoption and a community for those that have already heavily invested in adoption. Don’t feel like you have to be at any point in your adoption journey in order to join. If you’re interested in adoption, please join us!
  6. Adoptive families are here to help. This group isn’t specifically hopeful adoptive families. There’s actually a few adoptive families that have gone through everything in the process and can give you insight into your own journey.


I’m truly proud to be a part of a community that is well-rounded in offering support from many perspectives. If you’re looking for an online adoption community, I do hope you’ll join us. We’d be happy to see you through your process and at one point, you’ll be an adoptive family helping out others in the group! 

To learn more, check out my YouTube Video on this topic! 


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