Frequently Asked Questions

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Deciding on an adoption can be so hard. Who can help me with this decision?

You will have your own adoption coordinator who will meet with you and help you explore your situation. We provide adoption education for you, the prospective birth father, and any other family members who desire it. Upon request, we can connect you with other birth parents that have placed their children for adoption, so they can share their experiences and support you during this difficult time as well. Call or text us today 24/7 at 913-271-3554.

What services can Adoption & Beyond provide for me?
In addition to adoption education and guidance, we can help arrange assistance with food, maternity clothes, transportation to medical appointments and legal counsel.
What if I have counseling and assistance through the agency and then decide I don’t want to go through with the adoption?
We believe our task is to educate and counsel you, which will help you decide if adoption is the best choice for you and your child. Should you explore adoption and realize it is not right for you, we will help guide you to the necessary resources to assist with your parenting plan. At our agency, you are never pressured to make an adoption plan.
Do my parents have to know about the pregnancy? Can my parents force me to do an adoption? Can they stop me from doing the adoption?
You are not legally required to tell your parents that you are pregnant or that you are planning an adoption. They have no legal right to the child. Often secrets cause lots of problems in families and can be very burdensome to a prospective birth parent. We will help you work with your family during this difficult period.
Does the prospective birthfather of the baby have to know? What if I don’t know who or where he is?
Kansas and Missouri law requires that the prospective birth father be notified. In those situations where we are unable to locate the prospective birth father, other legal avenues are available to complete the adoption.
Can I choose and meet the prospective adoptive parents?
YES! First, we do a thorough evaluation of the couple to assure that they are emotionally and financially prepared to parent a child. In addition to hours of personal interviews, we do police checks, gather references, obtain medical clearances, and verify employment. We have each family prepare a photo profile for you to view, so you can decide which family you like. Most prospective birth parents choose to interview the prospective adoptive family before deciding on them for sure. We will work with you to help determine what type of relationship you want with the adoptive parents now and into the future.
Will I get to see my baby at the hospital?
You are in charge of how much contact you want to have with the baby in the hospital. Some birth mothers choose to spend a limited amount of time with the baby opting for the adoptive family to start bonding with the baby immediately, while others choose to spend every minute with the baby while in the hospital.
Suppose there is something wrong with my baby?
We are fully committed to working with you regardless of the health of the child. Should your child be born with a medical issue, we will help you find a loving family equipped to handle the special needs your child may have, or we will connect you with an agency that can help.
How will I know my child will be okay growing up?
Many birth parents request letters and pictures from the adoptive parents as the child grows and many families visit with each other regularly through the years. Continuing contact between the families is strongly encouraged. We will work with you to come up with a plan that is most comfortable for you.
What should I do if I want to talk more with someone about adoption?
Please feel free to call or text us, seven days a week 913-271-3554. Reach out with any questions you may have.  Besure to request our information packet below. We are dedicated to easing the stress of an unplanned pregnancy. If you would like, you can also make an appointment to meet with us at our office or a location near you.

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