Why Do Adoptions Cost Money?

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Why Do Adoptions Cost Money?

As a nonprofit adoption agency, we do our best to explain why private adoptions cost what they do, while adopting from the State is often much cheaper.

Some parents choose to adopt a child from foster care. These children are often older and are in foster care because of negligence and/or abuse. The State does everything in its power to find these children a loving, forever home, and for some parents adopting from foster care is exactly what is best for their family. When parents work with public agencies through foster care, adoption is often free or very low cost.

Adoption Home Study with Social WorkerOther families choose to adopt an infant, and they almost always need to work with a private agency to ensure that each step of the adoption process is done in accordance with laws and regulations, and works in the best interest of all parties.

Agencies like Adoption & Beyond employ licensed social workers to coordinate adoptions, conduct home studies, match adoptive parents with birth parents, support birth mothers, file paperwork, and work to create a smooth adoption process, despite some of the difficulties parents face.

We are proud to offer excellent service to our families, and we encourage anyone interested in adopting from foster care instead to pursue that option. We are committed to transparency, so if you have any more questions about our fees, please read through our complete adoption fee schedule.



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