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Back in 2016, we launched a Parent Support Group Series in our blog to help local parents find others going through similar situations. We all know how difficult it becomes to make new friends the older we get, and that can take a serious toll on parents embarking on the adoption journey.

We have given the Series an update, adding some new links and making sure all information is up-to-date. If you find yourself struggling and wishing you had others to share your experiences with, talk to, or just grab a friendly cup of coffee then check out the lists below. The updated Kansas City and Wichita blogs are available, too.

Why this Series?

Below, we share ways that you can meet other parents in your area and find like-minded friends. Friendship is vital to living a full life and it shouldn’t stop when you become a parent. This is especially true for adoptive parents who need to build support circles of all kinds. From swapping parenting tips, to sharing recipes and enjoying each other’s company, friends make life more complete.


As mentioned in our last blog, be sure to check out the MeetUp website. This is a central place where people can post and create meet-ups for parents. It is an easy way to start, so give it a try if you want to test the waters. MeetUp continues to be a great site for finding parents, parent groups, and social networks so don’t be shy – give it a chance!


Nifty Mom – a lifestyle blog from a local who also addresses parenting issues and provides tips from raising her own kids.
STL Motherhood
Circle of Moms

All of these blogs are still going strong, which means great options for you! STL Motherhood just posted some fun ideas for spring break and Circle of Moms has grown to over 100 people.

In-Person Groups

St Louis Catholic Moms – This group offers a wide variety of events and meetings for moms. Whether you need support with a newborn or new addition to your family, or want likeminded women to enjoy a night out with, this group can help. They also offer a book club and playdates.

Keep in mind that most churches offer events and support groups for parents, so don’t be shy about asking what is available.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) – If you live in St. Louis, you are in luck as the PAT headquarters is there! These groups are meant to be informal ways for children to play and parents to meet and have social experiences with adults and for their kids. Check with your local public school for details about groups or call the office and ask for more information.

BILY Parent Group – Although this group is in St. Charles, it may be useful for some parents who are struggling with behavioral issues with their children. The group can help with any crisis issues and create action plans.

Additionally, be sure to check out storytimes at your local public library. These are great opportunities to meet other moms nearby.


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