2018 Parent Support Group Series – Wichita, Kansas

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Back in 2016, we launched a Parent Support Group Series in our blog to help local parents find others going through similar situations. We all know how difficult it becomes to make new friends the older we get, and that can take a serious toll on parents embarking on the adoption journey.

We have given the Series an update, adding some new links and making sure all information is up-to-date. If you find yourself struggling and wishing you had others to share your experiences with, talk to, or just grab a friendly cup of coffee then check out the lists below.

Why This Series?

This blog series is meant to help bring parents, especially stay-at-home moms, together, city-by-city. Starting with the beautiful Wichita, Kansas, we will share ways that you can meet other parents in your area and find like-minded friends. Friendship is vital to living a full life and it shouldn’t stop when you become a parent. This is especially true for adoptive parents who need to build support circles of all kinds. From swapping parenting tips, to sharing recipes and enjoying each other’s company, friends make life more complete.


MeetUp website – This is a central place where people can post and create meet-ups for parents. Some users report great success, while others find that responses can be slow or limited. MeetUp is still going strong, even two years later, so give it a chance. You just might be surprised!

Blogs – There are lots of blog resources written and run by fellow parents. Check out some of these for up-to-date meetup plans, group offerings, and more.
City Moms
Circle of Moms
The Procrastinating Mommy

City Moms is still very active with lots of great news for 2018 and Circle of Moms has over 100 users. Both are great ways to get involved and find people. The Procrastinating Mommy doesn’t post as often, but you can still find giveaways, city-wide garage sales and a lot more.

In-Person Groups

Parents as Teachers (PAT) playgroup – These groups are meant to be informal ways for children to play and parents to meet and have social experiences with adults and for their kids. The dynamic of each group is different and based on what parents need. Check with your local public school for details about groups already happening and don’t hesitate to join. Lots of parents report great success with these local groups.

You might also look at The Treehouse, a group offering educational programs for parents during the school year. They want provide moms and children with better, more fulfilling lives. Moms are encouraged to share parenting struggles in a Christian and non-judgmental environment.

Library story times – The City Moms blog posted updated information for 2018 and library story times are available Monday – Saturday at various locations. This is a great chance to expose your child to a variety of fun books and also meet fellow parents in your area.


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