What is an Adoptive Home Study?

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Adopting a child is a beautiful way to build a family. At Adoption & Beyond, we work with expecting parents and hopeful adoptive families across Kansas and Missouri from all sides of the adoption process. Working with expecting birth parents, and hopeful adoptive parents, we help children find safe and loving homes. Part of ensuring those homes are the right place for an adopted child begins with an adoptive home study.

An adoptive home study is part of the adoption process, which involves a few in-person visits, educational training and meeting with a prospective adoptive family in their home. This is part of the adoptive process, no matter what type of adoption you pursue. To help hopeful adoptive families prepare for this part of their journey, we have compiled a small guide to assist you. Here is what you need to know.

Adoptive Home Study Legalities

The adoptive home study is required of all adoptions across all 50 states of the United States of America. It involves a home study, during which time an adoption caseworker visits the adoption applicants to learn more about you and see where and how you live. This time is also meant to help you create a partnership with your home study caseworker so that you feel comfortable sharing things with them in the future.

Hopeful adoptive parents are obligated to have at least three visits during the adoptive home study period. While the visits are crucial to your adoption home study validity, it is not the only part of the home study process that will be evaluated prior to being approved to adopt a child.

Home Study Report 

The adoption caseworker who visits your home during the adoptive home study will record findings in a written report. This report includes information from your home study supporting documents, all the visits, including interviews with everybody who lives in the home where your adopted child will live.

The home study report is incredibly thorough, it is about 20 pages in length and can take 2-months to complete. Every family is different, however. So, some families may see the home report finished within the first month of starting the home study process. Really it is the family who determines how long the process will take, on how fast they gather the home study supporting documents. 

Topics Discussed During the Study

As you speak with the home study caseworker or complete paperwork, you will cover a variety of topics. This includes questions about:

  • Cultural background
  • Current financial situation
  • Plans for childcare and education
  • Family and extended family information
  • Criminal record check
  • Child abuse registry check
  • Medical history
  • Views on parenting
  • Marriage status
  • Views on discipline

During this time, you will also supply references to further expand on your character and readiness to parent.

Learn More About Home Study Services

If you are a hopeful adoptive family looking for more information on adoption, the adoption process, and the adoptive home study, we invite you to contact us at 1-913-270-0282. You can also read more about Adoption & Beyond’s Home Study Services Here.

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