Required Information to Adopt a Child in Kansas and Missouri


For families who want to adopt in the states of Kansas and Missouri, there is some important information you must be prepared to share. At Adoption & Beyond, we work with pregnant women and hopeful adoptive families to ensure that children are placed into loving and healthy homes.

As a non-profit adoption agency, we understand the importance of transparency between adoptive families and our agency. Here, we have compiled a list of the information you will be asked to share through the process of adoption. .

A Detailed Autobiography

A major piece of the adoption puzzle is getting to know prospective adoptive families to ensure children will be met with healthy, loving, and compassionate parents. Autobiographical statements allow your adoption coordinator to see who you are as an individual and as a family. This insight helps to show how an adopted child will fit into your family.

Some of the information you are required to share involve information on:

  • Your family background 
  • Motivation for adopting
  • Marital status
  • Current family members residing in your household
  • Relatives who will be involved in your child’s life
  • Childcare

Income Information 

A statement of income for an adoptive family will also be required before you adopt in Kansas and Missouri. This helps your adoption coordinator evaluate your financial readiness to take on a new child in your household, including future costs for childcare, education, healthcare, and more.

Healthcare Information

Health statements offer insight into your current state of wellness, and any future potential illness, which could affect your parenting ability. Before approving a family to adopt, we as an adoption agency must ensure that the child will become part of a family long-term. Your health, and your ability to provide healthcare for your child, are both important factors in this process.

Child Abuse and Criminal Background Checks

Throughout any adoption experience, the wellbeing of the child being placed is always a top priority. Your adoption coordinator will need to ensure you have no felony criminal history or history of violence against children in your past.

References and Interviews

References are required from personal acquaintances, and others who can support you will be a good adoptive parent, and you are ready to become a larger family. In addition, to references, you are required to take part in interviews to shed further light on who you are, why you are adopting, and other pertinent information.

Home Visit

Finally, you can expect to have a home visit with your adoption coordinator during the home study process. This evaluates your home as a suitable place of residence for a child and makes sure you are ready for a new family member to come live with you.

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If you are a hopeful adoptive family living in Kansas or Missouri, we invite you to contact Adoption & Beyond for more information. View Home Study Services Provided by Adoption & Beyond here.

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