Adoption & Beyond’s Purpose, Mission, and Vision

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Adoption & Beyond is a 501(c)3 non-profit adoption agency based in Kansas and Missouri. It’s our pleasure to work with families throughout the adoption process and guide you through the many steps involved in this rewarding journey. Being a non-profit, we are extremely passionate about what we do and those we help.

We strive to always put the best interest of children first, and find each child a loving home to grow up in. Working with both prospective birth and adoptive parents we have met some wonderful, loving individuals and are so grateful for the adoptions we have been part of.

Throughout this blog, we will talk about our purpose, mission, and vision as an organization. If you have been considering adoption and are curious to know more about Adoption & Beyond, and how we can help you every step of the way through the adoption journey, be sure to continue reading.

Our Purpose

At Adoption & Beyond we dedicate ourselves to building meaningful relationships by educating, guiding, and advocating for all touched by adoption, every step of the adoption journey, and beyond.

Our Mission  

Adoption & Beyond’s mission is to build healthy families through child-centered adoptions.

Our Vision

For every child to grow-up feeling loved.

Contact Adoption & Beyond for More Information

Now that you understand a bit more about our organization, perhaps you’d like to get in touch, our experienced adoption coordinators are happy to answer any questions you may have. To reach us, call Adoption & Beyond at 913-381-6919. 

Interested in learning more about The Ultimate Guide to Adopting a Child?  Check out our entire guide here.


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