On Your Feet Foundation welcomes Adoption & Beyond to the Birthparent Support Alliance

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On Your Feet Foundation welcomes Adoption & Beyond to the Birthparent Support Alliance 20 yearsOn Your Feet Foundation welcomes Adoption & Beyond to the Birthparent Support Alliance

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On Your Feet Foundation welcomes Adoption & Beyond to the Birthparent Support Alliance

[Evanston, IL] – On Your Feet Foundation

Adoption & Beyond, a 501(c)(3) non-profit child placement agency licensed in both Kansas and Missouri, is the newest member of the Birthparent Support Alliance, a membership offered by On Your Feet Foundation to adoption professionals committed to best practices in post-placement care for birth parents, regardless of how long ago placement happened, or the circumstances of that placement. As an agency known for its focus on child-centered adoption, Adoption & Beyond has dedicated itself to building meaningful relationships by educating, guiding, and advocating for everyone in the adoption constellation, and joining the Birthparent Support Alliance demonstrates how deep their commitment to birth parent care is after placement. This membership ensures that every birth parent who has placed a child for adoption through Adoption & Beyond, has access to world-class post-placement care, for as long as they need it. 

According to Alexis Eyler, On Your Feet Foundation’s Executive Director, “When birth parents aren’t given the tools they need to heal, not only are they suffering, but their suffering affects both their child and their child’s adoptive parents, causing more trauma. Adoptive parents cannot build a healthy open adoption with a birth parent who doesn’t receive the support required after placement.” Many birth parents have nowhere to turn for help as they grieve the loss of their child and try to rebuild their lives, and there is no other organization in the United States that provides the level of care necessary for them to heal in the way On Your Feet Foundation does. 

When agencies join the Birthparent Support Alliance, their birth parents receive access to a one-on-one On Your Feet Foundation case manager, who helps guide them through a bespoke healing journey based on their needs, and have access to that help for a lifetime. By becoming a Birthparent Support Alliance member, Adoption & Beyond is helping to create healthy open adoptions for both their birth parents and the adoptive families they serve. 


Twenty-two years ago, the founders of On Your Feet recognized the importance of post-placement care for birth parents. Today, On Your Feet Foundation is recognized as the leader in comprehensive post-placement support for birth parents, a demographic that has historically been under-served within the adoption community. In the adoption landscape, they are a neutral third party, providing birth parents with case management, adoption-competent therapy, therapeutic retreats, education and counseling grants, adoption education, and a strong, vibrant community in which to heal and thrive.

Contact: Heather Janiga      heather@onyourfeetmidwest.org

(224) 858-6933                         www.onyourfeetfoundation.org  

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