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In the first half of 2015, we’ve already been gifted with many different books on adoption from many different perspectives. If you’ve been looking for a new take on adoption and family, keep on reading! All links below are affiliate links to Amazon.

Books for Adopted Children

jazzysquestJazzy’s Quest: Adopted and Amazing

Jazzy observes her family’s gifts as she seeks out her own talent for a school talent show. This is a great story for kids that struggle with their differences from their non-biological family members. Written by well-known child advocate Carrie Goldman and author Juliet C. Bond, LCSW, this book is perfect for elementary age children.


bornfromtheheartBorn from the Heart

If your child is looking for a way to understand how he or she came to be part of your family, this book will show them how love can unite a family from different places. The author, Berta Serrano, tells the story of how her love grew for her son until he came into her life. The author’s concept is abstract, but it will strike a chord with young adopted children.

Books for Adopted Teens


adopteesurvivalguideThe Adoptee’s Survival Guide

Similar to Adopted and Proud, The Adoptee’s Survival Guide is overflowing with tales of strife and triumph unique to the adopted person’s experience. 30 authors contributed to the book, so your teen is bound to connect with several of the authors. This is also a great book for parents to read to help them understand any difficulties that their teenagers are going through.


Books for Adoptive Parents

dealoisDear Lois

This book of letters is wonderful for any would-be adoptive parents or parents who have already adopted. The family’s journey from infertility to adoption will resonate with many parents who have faced or are facing the same struggle. Karen Schlindwein describes this struggle and her family’s road to adoption in a moving memoir.


openadoptionThe Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping your child grow up whole

Lori Holden, a renowned blogger at, discusses the ways parents can create and maintain an open and honest conversation with their adopted children. She uses her own experience and tells the stories of other adoptive families to give real life advice about the keeping a dialogue open with your children. This book is sure to become a must-read for all families considering and going through the adoption process.

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