What Does Life After Adoption Look Like for A Birth Parent?

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Adoption involves a mix of emotions for everyone involved. The process often feels like a whirlwind, so it’s important to ask important questions before and during. For prospective birth parents, there are many unknowns following the adoption of a child. Depending on the adoption plan you created the answers to these questions will vary from family to family.

At Adoption & Beyond, it’s our job to support the prospective birth parents and, prospective adoptive parents, throughout the adoption process. We strive to ensure that prospective birth parents are educated on what to expect and have all your questions answered before placement occurs.

Here, we’d like to touch on a few of the questions you may have as a prospective birth parent.

Spending Time with Your Baby at the Hospital

One question we receive often is, “will I get the opportunity to see my baby at the hospital?” It’s important to realize that you make the decisions in your adoption plan. Every prospective birth parent’s adoption journey is their own. For some, they wish for the child to start bonding with the adoptive parents straight away and therefore, want the baby to be cared for by them while in the hospital. For others, caring for the baby while in the hospital is what feels right.

Adoption & Beyond will never force you to make any adoption decision you’re not comfortable with. As prospective birth parents, the decision to spend time with your baby is yours alone.

Health Issues After Birth

While many babies are born healthy and happy, others are born with medical issues. Adoption & Beyond stands beside prospective birth parents, no matter what types of health issues exist. We will try our best to place your baby with a loving family who is equipped to support special needs.

We believe that all children deserve a happy home and a healthy environment in which to learn and grow. This philosophy isn’t tarnished by health issues or, physical l disabilities. Adoption & Beyond will help you find a family to care for and love your child.

Continued Contact Between Birth Parents and Adoptive Families

The level of communication you choose to have with adoptive parents and your child is up to you. Prospective adoptive families are educated about the importance of open adoption and have an understanding that everyone holds an important role in the child’s life as they grow-up. 

Adoption & Beyond encourages birth and adoptive families to stay in contact with each other before and after placement, through text, e-mails, social media, and face-to-face visits.

Learn More About Adoption as a Birth Parent

Our friendly team is here to help you at each stage of the adoption process. We never force the idea of adoption on birth parents and are happy to help you find alternative solutions for parenting if you choose to parent your child.

If you’re interested in learning more about adoption or want to speak with an adoption coordinator, call or text  Adoption & Beyond at 1-913-381-6919.

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