Gift giving is something that I love to do! It is fun and brings me so much joy! This week, I am excited to be talking about gifts to give a birth mom while in the hospital.

In the last week, I have been asked by a few families what they should get their child’s birth mother while she is in the hospital. This is such a great question. My friend Julie, who is a caseworker and birth mom herself, once told me that one should never come to the hospital empty handed. This is a rule I now live by and encourage others to practice as well. It’s a great idea to bring a birth mom what you would normally bring to any new mother: balloons, flowers, etc. It is important that you avoid giving a substantial gift prior to the mother signing adoption paperwork, as this can be considered coercive before she has made the full decision to place her child for adoption.

There are several gift ideas for mothers who have just given birth. Here are just a few:

  • Balloons
  • Flowers
  • A sweet treat, such as a cupcake or small dessert– you may want to double check for food allergies!
  • A subscription to an online support group – this acknowledges the grief that the mom may experience after the adoption process and is a great resource
  • A retreat for birth moms – another practical resource that can help with the grief process following placement
  • A gift for the birth mother’s other children – they are also impacted by this process! It’s important to remember that in this adoption process, you are not just adopting a child–you are adopting a birth family and they are adopting you, too. When it comes to any type of gift giving it is important to remember everyone in the process.
Recently I had a family that provided a mom with a birthstone bracelet along with flowers and a cupcake from a favorite cupcake place, which was an awesome gift.

They also gave gifts to her children who were waiting for her to come home from the hospital. The sweet surprise in this was that the birth mother gave the family a gift as well! Sometimes birth families will give the adoptive family a gift, too!

Here is a list of resources for finding a gift for birth mothers:

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