Family Costumes

Source: Flickr, Lauren Kerns

Aye matey! How about a family of pirates? Most costumes can be put together with old clothes in your closet. A little shredding and layering, then add a pirate hat you can pick up in any costume or party store. Adding red sashes around the heads and construction paper peg legs and hooks will tie it all together without breaking the bank.



Source: Flickr, Vanessa Druckman

Be a superhero family! There’s something for everyone here, whether it’s Wonder Woman, Batman, or your kid’s favorite scientist.




Kid Costumes

Source: Flickr, Anne Jacko

Adorable witches – dress your young girls up with a little colorful tulle, a pointy hat, and some dark purple or green lipstick (non toxic, of course!) and they are ready to delight other trick-or-treaters.




Source: Flickr, istolethetv

Don’t forget the pets! Take your kids and the pets out for an evening stroll dressed as the fun members of the Incredibles. You can pick any other kids movie and make this work, so long as your dogs are willing to go along with the plan.