Decorating an adopted child's roomWhether you are anticipating a newborn or an older child, decorating the child’s room can be one of the most fun parts of becoming a new parent. Shopping for bedding, paint colors and wall décor can help you bond to the child. Older children will certainly have their own opinions on the look of their room. Newborns have little to say about these choices, but the love and care that you put into their room will comfort them as they grow up. A great idea for the bedroom is to incorporate a symbol of importance of the adoption and unique love that exists between a parent and an adopted child. Whether it is a poignant quote about adoption or an acknowledgement of significant days throughout the adoption process, the child will feel the love of being a chosen child through this piece of decor. Because being adopted is a special part of who the child is, making this a part of their bedroom contributes to the ongoing dialogue regarding adoption that is so important between parents and their child. Here some great pieces to get you started on your decorative adventure! Our Story Print I was Chosen Love Crosses Oceans (for international adoptions) Missing Piece Christmas Ornament Love Makes a Family You had my Heart Adoption Quilt Gift of Life Significant Dates Do you or your friends have other favorite ways of honoring the importance of adoption in your home? Please visit us on Facebook and share!