Creating your Legacy

Thank you for your interest in creating your legacy.

Below you will find options for ways you can give to Adoption & Beyond with a long-term focus.  Please be sure to contact Steffany Aye at or 913-381-6919 to start the conversation about creating your legacy through Adoption & Beyond.  

Workplace Giving & Employer-Matched Gifts

Many companies match employee donations to our organization. Contact your human resources department to determine if your company offers a matching gift program.

Gift Stocks

Stock and other investments can easily be gifted to Adoption & Beyond to help us meet our mission through a simple transfer process. Gifts of securities will be transferred directly to Adoption & Beyond’s investment account.

1. Click Here to download the stock transfer form.

2. Provide the completed form to your investment advisor. Your advisor will initiate the transfer directly to Adoption & Beyond.

3. Adoption & Beyond is notified when your gift of securities has been received.


Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

Qualified Charitable Distribution allows IRA holders, age 70 ½ or older, to donate to a qualified charity from their Traditional or Roth IRA (including inherited) tax-free. Talk with your financial advisor about taking advantage of the QCD to benefit the work that Adoption & Beyond does for families and children.


It’s not easy to think about you not being here on a daily basis with your loved ones. A Will provides for the people and charities that are most important to you. It’s the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out. A gift from your Will is a powerful way to make an impact at Adoption & Beyond.

You may make a bequest or gift through your estate by including a provision in your will or living trust, or by naming Adoption & Beyond as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. A bequest is a gift from your estate—a transfer of cash, securities, or other property—made through your estate plans. A bequest costs nothing now and enables you to contribute to Adoption & Beyond’s impact far into the future. Some of the advantages of creating a bequest include:

  • You retain control of and use of your assets during your lifetime.
  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change.
  • Gifts to Adoption & Beyond from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes.
Sample bequest language
I bequeath to Adoption & Beyond, Inc. (Tax ID #75-3159701), a nonprofit organization located at, 16236 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, Kansas 66085,
the sum of _________ dollars; or
an amount equal to ________ percent of the net value of my estate; or
all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate


An endowment provides for Adoption & Beyond’s future. Earnings from the endowment give perpetual support for Adoption & Beyond’s most pressing needs. An endowment gives Adoption & Beyond fiscal strength and stability to ensure our continued success in building healthy families through child-centered adoptions.

1. Click Here to download the endowment form.

2. Provide the completed form to your investment advisor. Your advisor will initiate the transfer directly to Adoption & Beyond.

3. Adoption & Beyond is notified when your gift for the endowment has been received.

Donor-Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund allows donors to make a charitable contribution and receive an immediate tax deduction. Contact your Financial Advisor about making a charitable gift through a donor-advised fund to Adoption & Beyond. If you have a donor-advised fund through Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, or BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund, you can easily recommend a grant to Adoption & Beyond using the DAF Direct form down below on this page.


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