Thread of Love – a Poem by an Adoptee

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Adoption is a journey, but it results in a special bond between adoptive parents and their child.  The poem below was written by an adoptee to her mother. Spend a few moments reading through the poem below and it will be sure to warm your heart.


Thread of Love

 We stood oceans apart.

A single thread of love connecting our hearts.


The mist between;

wispy, thick, and grey,

settled heavily and the isles we stood on began to sway.


The rain poured and the thunder shook the skies

and sometimes the sun didn’t rise.


But through it all, the thread never broke.

Instead, it crystallized and formed a sturdy rope.


And with that rope, we found each other.

Through the silver haze,

it led me to my beautiful mother.


After so long we were face to face.

Our eyes relaying what the distance between us couldn’t.

And the universe knew that everything would fall into place.


Written by Anuhya (an adoptee)


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