Common Questions About Domestic Adoptions

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Have you ever wondered how you should prepare for a domestic adoption?

Many things can change at the last minute. It can be painful to get your hopes up only to have the adoption fall through. So how can you get ready while tempering your hopes and expectations? Here are some common questions about navigating a domestic adoption:

  1. When should I decorate the nursery?
    For some families, it can be painful to have an empty nursery in their home. It may serve as a reminder that the adoption they had hoped for didn’t go as planned. We recommend that you hold off decorating the nursery until the baby arrives.
  2. Should I have my baby shower before the adoption is final?
    Just like decorating the nursery, it’s best to postpone any celebrations – such as baby showers – until after the adoption is finalized. Baby showers are so much more fun when the baby arrives!
  3. Should I tell my friends and family?
    It’s important to keep the people in your life updated about your plan to adopt. You may need to rely on family and friends. You may also need to draw some boundaries with them if they keep asking you for updates! Keep your employer informed that your schedule may change at the last minute if something comes up during the adoption that you need to address.
  4. Can I stay at the hospital when the baby is born?
    The answer to this question is: it depends on the situation. The birth mother may or may not want anyone else there. But some birth mothers will welcome the adoptive family’s care and support. The hospital may also have certain restrictions in place, especially during COVID.
  5. Can I name the baby?
    Yes, you can! In some cases, the birth mother and the adoptive family will have separate names. So the child will have two birth certificates. In other cases, the adoptive family may choose to incorporate part of the name that the birth mother chooses.

What did you think of this week’s All About Adoption Episode? Do you have any questions about the domestic adoption process? We’d love to hear them!

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