Celebrating Adoptive Fathers

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We wrote before about how to support your spouse through the adoption process, but with Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to talk about celebrating (and supporting) the adoptive dads. Whether the adoptive dad is a spouse or friend, we have some great ideas for how to show support and love this Father’s Day.

Prospective Adoptive Fathers

Spouses – If you and your spouse are awaiting an adoption to come through, then sometimes Father’s and Mother’s Day celebrations can feel bittersweet, especially if the wait has been long. If that is the case, consider going out together for a nice meal. Make it a fun date night; perhaps a movie or a picnic in the park, some star gazing, or a stroll around the lake. Whatever you do, be sure to inject some fun into the night and make it memorable. It can also be a great time to reflect on and feel renewed about the adoption process.

Friends – If you have a good friend going through the adoption process, sending a simple card or text message of support can mean so much. Take a moment to let your friend know that you support them and if you have the time, consider getting a bite to eat or taking in a game or a movie together.

Adoptive Fathers

We’ve posted a gift guide previously, so be sure and check it out if you haven’t already. It contains some great gift ideas for a variety of price points. You can always consider getting a personalized adoption print with your child’s name, date of adoption, and a special quote. Or spring for a fun shirt so that the father of your children can boast proudly when he walks around town.

You can also create a scrapbook of photos and memories of the adoption process, adding in special thoughts or quotes about big moments. If your family hasn’t yet had a professional portrait done, consider scheduling one as a Father’s Day gift and commemorating dad’s big day. You can always go really big and have fun family shirts made in Dad’s favorite sports team colors. Then follow the portrait session with a great family lunch or dinner all together.

The most important thing is to take a little time on Father’s Day and show Dad how much you care. The cost of the activity doesn’t matter so much as the family just spending time together and making memories. If your budget allows a gift, we provide some more general gift ideas in our other Father’s Day blog for this year, too. Happy Father’s Day!


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