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Here at Adoption & Beyond, we take great care to ensure that the birth parents that we work with are well-informed and knowledgable about their impending adoption journey. Choosing adoption for a child is an extremely delicate and difficult decision, and we completely understand that.

These are our favorite books for birth parents who are currently considering adoption, in the process of choosing an adoptive family, or are awaiting the birth of the child.

The Third Choice: A Woman’s Guide to Placing a Child for Adoption
Authors: Leslie Foge and Gail Mosconi.

This book is a comprehensive view of the choices available to a women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. It also takes a woman through every step of the adoption decision and what to think about, consider, and expect with each step of the adoption process.

Lifegivers: Framing the Birthparent Experience in Open Adoption
Author: James L. Gritter

Although Gritter himself is not a birth parent or adopted person, he definitely gets to the heart of the matter of being a birth parent, and empathizes with the situation in a very genuine way.

Pregnant? Adoption is an Option: Adoption from the Birthparent’s Perspective
Author: Jeanne Warren Lindsay.

In this great read, birth parents share their stories of responsible – and difficult – adoption planning. They speak of the families they chose for their child and the open adoption relationships they’re building, all centered on their child’s well-being.

Out of the Shadows: Birthfathers’ Stories
Author: Mary Martin Mason

This book presents a very honest look at the role of a birth father, and gives insight into life after adoption.

Dear Birthmother: Thank You For Our Baby
Authors: Kathleen Silber and Phyllis Speedlin.

Using actual correspondence between birth parents and adoptive parents, this book debunks the myth that birth parents do not care about their children and do not think about them later. It also helps adoptive parents and adopted persons better understand birth parents.

You can find these books and some other choices on our Recommended Reading page. And if you are interested in learning more about the adoption process, you can request a birth parent information packet or simply contact us today!


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