Children’s Books that Talk About Open Adoption

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Few books for children tackle the subject of adoption, much less that of an open adoption. Yet our children learn a great deal through reading and it is important to have their experiences represented in forms that are important to them. You probably remember reading a book that resonated with you when you were younger and helped you better understand a personal situation. Perhaps it was a death of a beloved family pet or member of the family, a divorce between parents, or simply how to share better with your siblings.

Books offer a unique way to get our children talking and thinking about new concepts. And open adoption is no different. For that reason we compiled a few new books on open adoption for adoptive parents and their families to consider. These books don’t have to be just for the adoptive child; they work for any family member and are a great way to get the entire family on board, too.

Whether you read these books to your child as a bedtime story or as whole family in the living room, they are sure to help you address the topic of open adoption.

Charli’s Super Big Family Tree – An Open Adoption Story

This book is a heart-warming story of a four-year-old adopted child trying to understand what “open adoption” means. From tackling funny options like sprouting from a flower or being beamed down to earth by aliens, this book fuses humor with truth. With the help of her adoptive mom and a letter from her birthmother, Charli understands just what open adoption means and comes to see just how great her big family tree is.

Megan’s Birthday Tree: A Story About Open Adoption

This book tackles open adoption by showing how Megan’s parents keep in touch with her birth mother, Kendra. And every year Kendra decorates the tree she planted when Megan was born, all so Megan can cherish this Birthday Tree for many years to come. Not only is this a sweet story, but it gives a great example of a way for families to stay bonded – by planting a birthday tree!

My Special Family: A Children’s Book About Open Adoption

For those needing something a little more intensive, this workbook is a great option. It’s delightful in the way it helps children understand their relationships with their adoptive and birth parents, offering a helpful guide for parents, too. This is book is suitable for children in preschool and elementary school who may or may not have contact with their birth parents. Illustrations and places to draw and write make this workbook a great introduction for children to explore their thoughts and feelings.


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