Birth mothers are heroes. If you’ve adopted a child, or you’re looking to an adopt a child, you know what a selfless, incredible act it is for a birth mother to decide to put her baby up for adoption.

She knows that she’s not able to provide the care, attention, or resources that a child might need, so she gives the gift of a family to those who want nothing more than to have a child in their lives.

From time to time, we like to take the opportunity in our blog post to pay tribute to an incredible birth mother. This week we came across this story¬†about a birth mother who decided to send her breast milk to the baby’s adoptive family.

While breastfeeding is not a necessity, the mom wanted the baby to have the experience of getting breastmilk in the early days of her life. For three months, the teenager pumped milk and sent it to the baby’s new parents.

Obviously this wouldn’t work for most situations, especially for closed adoptions, adoptions from foster care, and international adoptions. But that doesn’t mean those birth mothers aren’t also worthy of our deep appreciation.

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