The Best Christmas Picture Books


There are so many incredible Christmas books for children of all ages that we could never talk about them all! But here are a few of our favorite picture books for younger children. Fill your mug with hot cocoa, find a spot in front of the fireplace, and settle down with some of these fantastic books. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Share your favorite Christmas story on our Facebook page!

Christmas Miracle for Jonathan ToomeyThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey – A Christmas miracle for a sad widower.

” If I could give this book a thousand stars, I would!  It’s just so beautiful the way the author wrote it and the illustrations are so gorgeous, they take your breath clean away!”
– Maddy on Goodreads



Room for a Little OneRoom for a Little One: A Christmas Tale – a sweet story of Jesus’ birth told from the perspective of a kind Ox.

“Beautiful telling of the story of Jesus’ birth from the viewpoint of the animals. I read this tonight, on Christmas Eve 2011, and I believe this is going to become a tradition for us. The illustrations add to the absolute charm of the story. Wonderful story!”
– Jen on Goodreads




Snowmen at Night – adventures that snowmen go on at night!

“Great find! The snowmen books are a fun family read for the holiday season. Getting to see what the snowmen do while it is dark and the humans are sleeping is entertaining. To add to the fun, there are hidden pictures on every page. My boys enjoy finding them as we read.”
– Karen on Goodreads



Story of Holly and Ivy - Adoption book for Christmas

The Story of Holly and Ivy – a doll, an orphan, and a husband and wife have a shared Christmas wish.

“What a sweet, beautiful story! All about the magic of wishing, and of love and belonging.”
– Karthryn on Goodreads





ab-gift-of-magiThe Gift of the Magi – a classic story of selfless giving between a husband and wife living in poverty.

“Sweet short story about love, sacrificing for your loved ones, and the power of giving.”
– Shanda on Goodreads



Christmas Day in the Morning book

Christmas Day in the Morning – a boy finds the perfect gift for his father on Christmas Eve.

“This has become my favorite book to read each Christmas. It is a beautifully written book – a rich and thoughtful exploration how a boy learns that a thoughtful and unexpected expression of love is the best and most lasting gift we can give. I can’t make it through reading it to my kids without crying. This is a book to own and read to your family each Christmas.”
– Brennan on Goodreads


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