Unique Ways to Announce Your Adoption in Fall and Winter

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You have BIG news, but how do you share it? The standard of photo shoots and pre-printed announcement cards don’t often fit for adoptive parents who want to share the great news about their expanding family to their friends and extended relatives. Thankfully, with great websites like Pinterest and others, people can now share their creative ways for announcing adoption news. We’ve collected some of our favorites here for families with news to announce this fall and winter. So get ready to have some fun sharing your adoption news!

Pumpkin Madness

Fall already brings about a pumpkin madness everywhere, with the bright orange gourds turning up at every corner and on every stoop. These have become a great (and photogenic) way of making an online or printed photo card announcement. They don’t have to be just for birth parent announcements either – these are great for adoptive parents, too. Make the decorations any way you like, arrange your pumpkins, and use one for the special family announcement. The possibilities are endless!

Source: Flickr, Virginia State Parks

If you like to make arrangements, then consider staging a great photo with pumpkins, fall leaves, and maybe even a small haystack. Then you can simply add a small chalkboard with the important information, snap a photo and you’re all done.

Winter Scene

If you have snow on the ground, then you can take the same idea with the pumpkins but use snowmen! This is especially great if you have children in your family and want to get everyone involved to make a great photo opportunity for an adoption announcement. Encourage your children to use their own clothes for their snowmen, add a sign, and don’t forget some hats, too.

Source: Flickr

You’ve surely seen the very popular shoe photos, too, where each parent stands in the photo with child shoes between. Go ahead and stage one of these photos and consider adding a professionally printed sign that says “Love Makes A Family” or a similar sentiment, if these announcements are going out to any friends or family members who may not know you are adopting. It can be a good icebreaker for extended family and friends.

No matter which avenue you choose for your adoption announcement, just remember to make it your own. That’s what makes announcements so special – how they reflect on the love your family has for each other and the happiness to come.

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