Adoption and Discipline

There are so many theories on the best ways to discipline children, and adding in the adoption variable can sometimes make that more complex. Children who are adopted through the foster system or who have spent much of their lives in orphanages, especially abroad, can sometimes be at risk for mental health issues.

This can make discipline a challenge. Like all parents, adoptive parents want to guide their children toward adulthood by giving them the tools to make well thought out decisions, be good citizens, and form strong relationships so that when they have children they can also give them the kind of care and guidance that they received.

But one unique challenge that adoptive parents may face is how to discipline a child who may have come from an abusive or neglectful environment. This can be incredibly different than disciplining a child who has been loved and cared for since birth.

Adopting an older child is one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences for both the adoptive parents and the adoptee, so it is worth it to do your research to institute positive discipline in your family.

If you’re struggling with discipline, try to talk with other people who have similar experiences: attend a local adoption support group, talk to your adoption agency, or reach out to your church or religious community.

There are also many resources online, some with diverging opinions, that can help guide you or encourage you. While we don’t endorse one method over another, here are a few that might prove useful:

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