Adoption & Beyond is proud to serve parents looking to adopt a baby in Kansas and Missouri. We’re located in Overland Park in the Kansas City area, but we serve families across both states. However, if you’re looking for information specifically on adopting a baby in Kansas, here is a summary of the resources on Kansas adoptions:


Adopting a baby in Kansas - family standing with baby in cornfield

Kansas Statutes on Adoption: This government website includes the text of the legal statutes involving adopting a baby or child in Kansas, including who may adopt, petitioning for adoption, and other legal issues. While it is important to educate yourselves about the laws involving adoption in Kansas, we encourage you to read about legal representation for Kansas adoptions.

Federal Government Information on International Adoption: If you’re a Kansas family seeking international adoption, this federal government website provides an overview on intercountry adoption, including applying for citizenship for your child, the adoption process, and more. Note: Adoption & Beyond is Hague accredited to help Kansas and Missouri parents with international adoptions.

Adoption Support Groups in Kansas: This page on our website includes an overview of adoption support groups in Kansas and Missouri, but we also have resources for specific areas in Kansas. Check out our post about support groups for Wichita adoptive parents.