5 Steps to Adopting from Foster Care

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Have you ever wondered about the steps involved in adopting a child from foster care?

When discussing adopting a child from foster care, it’s important to distinguish it from “fost-to-adopt”, which usually involves fostering a child with the potential to adopt that child later. In this context, we’re focusing on adopting a child directly from foster care. Typically, these children are aged eight and older, part of a sibling group, or have specific medical or emotional needs, as seen on photo listings websites like AdoptUSKids or Adopt Kansas Kids.

Step 1: Reach Out and Home Study
The first step is for families to express interest and get a home study done, specifically tailored for foster care adoption. Agencies like Adoption & Beyond often allow their home study to be used if prospective adoptive parents have completed the necessary foster care training, a 30-hour program that is offered by the state.

Why is foster care training crucial?
Adopting a child from foster care comes with unique challenges, and understanding the journey these children have been through is essential. The training provides a foundation, sets expectations, and prepares families for the distinct experience of parenting a child from foster care.

Step 2: Exploring Photo Listings and Inquiring
Once the home study is completed, families can explore photo listings to find a child they feel is a good fit. Remember, photos may not reveal the full spectrum of a child’s needs. My own daughter, whom we adopted from foster care at the age of eight, is a testament to this. The challenges she faced were not immediately evident in her photo, but our personal connection with her foster family provided valuable insights.

After identifying a potential match, families inquire, typically filling out a form. The listing entity then contacts the adoption agency to move the process forward.

Why is it important to manage expectations?
While a photo may capture a smile, it’s essential to recognize there might be hidden needs behind that smile. If the provided information doesn’t align with what your family can provide, it’s okay to reconsider.

Step 3: Initial Contact and Pre-Interview
The agency with custody of the child reviews the family’s home study to determine compatibility. If deemed suitable, a pre-interview is conducted to ensure the family is well-informed about the child’s needs. Subsequently, a staffing meeting involves adoption professionals deciding the right fit from a pool of potential families.

Step 4: Reviewing the Child’s File and Transition Planning
The chosen family gets to review the child’s complete file, including any challenges or special needs. It’s essential not to be deterred by potential difficulties but to approach the process with an open mind. My own experience reading my daughter’s file was initially daunting, but knowing her through a personal connection helped us overcome any apprehensions.

Once the family confirms the match, a transition plan is created, usually spanning several months. This plan includes supervised visits, both at the child’s current residence and gradually at the adoptive family’s home.

Step 5: Transition Period and Finalization
The transition period allows the child to gradually integrate into the adoptive family. Caseworkers monitor the placement, assessing the child’s well-being and safety. After a minimum of six months, if the placement is successful, the state recommends finalization of the adoption. The final court hearing concludes the process, officially welcoming the child into their forever family.

Be prepared to learn, to adapt, and to celebrate the nuances that make your family uniquely yours.

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