Why Expecting Moms Choose Adoption

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In previous posts, I have acknowledged the big decision it is for a family to decide to adopt.

This week, I’d like to acknowledge the even bigger decision an expecting mom makes to place her child for adoption.. Some negative thoughts are floating around about what brings an expecting mother to make this decision. While every expecting mother has her own reason, simply not loving their child is not one of them. The decision to adopt is just that… voluntary and exceedingly difficult. Especially for an expecting mother. So, why does an expecting mom make an adoption plan?

One of the most common reasons that might bring an expecting mother to the adoption decision is a lack of family support. Unfortunately, many women experiencing unplanned pregnancies are not supported at home. Their families will pull away support financially and emotionally. Whether it be friends or family, the lack of support would make it hard to parent. In addition to friends and family within the expecting mother’s circle, sometimes the birth father isn’t supportive either.

Most of the expecting mothers who choose adoption are college-aged. Being younger makes it common for them not to feel ready or properly equipped. This lack of readiness causes them to seek an alternative life for their child.

Another big reason women place their children for adoption is timing and resources. They may already have children or have a busy job draining most of their energy. The lack of timing and resources can be very stressful and is a big factor in deciding to adopt.

Hopefully, that gives you a little glimpse into why an expecting mother would choose adoption for her child. The bottom line is that she lacks support, readiness or timing, or resources. She often wants more for her child than she can provide.

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