Tips on Sharing Your Adoption News

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For many adoptive parents, the adoption process is something that they keep relatively quiet. They may only tell a couple of friends or family since it can be a long and emotionally exhausting process, depending on the individual circumstances. Who adoptive parents choose to tell is entirely up to them and a very personal choice. However, once an adoption comes through and the family begins to prepare, the question comes up again: how do you announce your adoption to friends and family?

There are several ways to tell people your news, all of which can work for the many kinds of friends and family in your life.

A Personal Letter

One option that we recommend is to consider writing a personal letter. It doesn’t have to be long, but this is a chance for any adoptive parents to tell their story and preemptively answer any questions family may have. You get to decide how personal you want to be. Maybe you want to gush about every detail or perhaps you prefer to give the basics and then let others engage with questions. Either way, it’s an easy and personal option for announcing your news. Some adoptive parents might tackle questions they receive frequently, so they don’t have to answer them so many times. Others may want to include pictures. Consider a letter and then be open to your friends and family asking questions and getting to know your newly expanded family.

Announcement Cards

Sending an adoption announcement, akin to a birth announcement, is a great way to alert friends and family. You can personalize them with websites such as Minted or make your own on your computer. Adding a photo is a great touch, too!

Holiday Letters

Do you already send out a family update letter with your Christmas card? If so, consider adding a new paragraph about your family addition and let everyone know that you have something extra to celebrate during the season.

Get Creative

We have all seen the funny and heartwarming engagement videos all over the internet today. Not to mention wedding dances and birth announcements. If being funny and on camera is something you enjoy, then consider making a cute video to make your announcement. A quick link in an email or a post on Facebook is all you need once it’s done.


If you have any questions about the adoption process, you can easily contact us and we will be happy to help.

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