The Do’s and Don’ts of the Match Meeting

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Have you scheduled a match meeting with an expecting mother?

Are you excited and nervous to make a good impression?

A match meeting occurs when an expecting mom/parents select a hopeful adoptive parent’s profile to meet face-to-face. Most of the time, these meetings take place in person. But they can be virtual – taking place over video chat, especially when distance can be a significant factor.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, for both parties! The expecting mother will be worried whether you like her or not, whether you want her baby. And you might be nervous for some of the exact same reason! So it’s important to be yourself. Don’t try to act like someone you think the expecting mother will like. Relax and simply enjoy talking with the expecting mom and getting to know her better!

In my most recent video, The Do’s and Don’ts of the Match Meeting, I share six tips on how you can prepare for a successful, and pleasant, match meeting. Don’t worry about asking tough or sensitive questions during your meeting. You can leave that part to the social worker! Instead, focus on making your meeting a comfortable experience for everyone!


In this video, you will learn:

  • What questions to ask during your meeting
  • How to conquer your nervousness
  • What happens in a match meeting


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