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The internet is full of bloggers covering niche topics, and adoption is no exception. We scoured the internet to find some of the best blogs by and for adoptive parents, and these four stood out from the rest regarding content, varied viewpoints, and recent activity.

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

Mike and Kristin Berry have eight children, all of whom joined their family by adoption. Their inspirational blog covers not only adoption, but foster care, children with special needs, and marriage enrichment tips. If you don’t have time to sit down and read, the couple also shares their wisdom and experience in their Honestly Adoption Podcast. Recent episodes include, “What Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew” and, “How To Create Structure During The Chaos Of The Holidays.”

Adoptive Black Mom

The single mom behind Adoptive Black Mom was 40 years old when she adopted her then tween-aged daughter, “Hope.” The blog goes back five years and chronicles their journey from placement back in 2013 to filling out college applications today. The writing is straightforward and often humorous. Besides the blog, Adoptive Black Mom is also active on Facebook.

Full Plate Mom

The mom behind Full Plate Mom and her husband have adopted 12 children, both domestically and internationally. Their blog covers family vacations, the day to day life of a large, transracial family, and the health challenges the children face. The writing is raw and honest, including a post about pursuing cochlear implant surgery for their daughter Gigi.

Infant Adoption Guide

Tim Elder and his wife adopted their three children domestically as newborns. Much of his blog covers tips on how to make the adoption process go smoother, including “What You Need to Know About Interstate Adoption” and “How to Work With Multiple Adoption Agencies.”  Infant Adoption Guide is full of multimedia content, including videos and links to Elder’s adoption e-books.

Being an adoptive parent is full of unique joys and challenges. Blogs by other adoptive parents are a way to learn more and gain a new perspective.

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