New Book: International Adoption of a Pre-School Child


bookWe like to stay updated on new books that birth parents and adoptive parents write about their experiences. We heard about the following book from our friends at Hand In Hand International Adoptions. The following text has been taken from Hand In Hand’s May 2014 Newsletter.


Dear Friend of Adoption:

My husband and I adopted two children from Korea – the first boy at age 4, and two years later, a boy age 8.  While we were well prepared by our Colorado adoption agency, we were quite naïve about many situations we encountered.  My sons are now adults, and the younger son encouraged me to write a short book to help new adoptive parents.  This ebook is about tips we learned during our 4 year old son’s first year with us.

My e-book International Adoption of a Pre-School Child: 100 Parenting Tips for Your Child’s First Year will be available through Amazon for $4.99.  I believe the book will be a valuable resource for adoptive parents.  Since the book contains much practical information, it is also helpful for domestic adoptions of pre-school children, especially when there are cultural differences between the adoptive parents and the child.

Regarding my professional credentials, I am a registered nurse, who attended a diploma program in Michigan.  I continued my education, receiving a B.A. in Psychology and moved to Colorado to complete a M.A. in Health Education.  I recently retired after 44 years in various aspects of health care and health education, most recently working as a behavioral health nurse at a large medical center.  I have much experience teaching adult education classes, writing, developing class materials, providing individual counseling, and conducting support groups (including an infertility support group, years ago).

Personally, I am passionate about the right of every child to have loving parents and a good home.  I enjoy learning about other cultures, especially those of Korea, China, and Taiwan (where my younger son lives, married, and has a newborn).  To date, I have visited them in Taiwan twice.

My ebook is the first of a series, as I believe adoption issues continue throughout the lives of adoptees and their adoptive parents.  My author name is Virginia M. Benner.  I hope you will take the opportunity to read and review my book, and that you will recommend it to adoptive parents.

With Sincere Thanks, Ginger Maki, RN, MA

PS – If adoptive families are interested, but do not have a Kindle, the book can be downloaded to the “Kindle Cloud.”  The e-book can then be accessed on their computer, instead of on a Kindle or Nook.

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