Steps for Getting Started with Adoption


Adoption is a heartfelt and exciting journey. Here at Adoption & Beyond, we want to help you at every stage. When families begin the adoption journey there are many steps to get started. Sometimes the process seems overwhelming and having an adoption coordinator helps. Here are the steps to get you started on this heartfelt journey called adoption. 

Step One: Schedule Your Consultation 

Having helped many families navigate the path to adoption, our experienced team understands this process and would love to share our knowledge with you. Meeting with an adoption coordinator provides you with a better understanding of everything involved in the adoption process.

To set up a time to meet, visit us at and select “Forms” followed by “Consultation Form”. Completing this form provides us the information needed to set up a time to meet and get to know each other better, to provide adoption education, and help answer your questions.

Step Two: Apply for Services

After the initial meeting, you will decide whether to continue with your adoption plans. This includes an adoptive home study process to fully prepare you for the path ahead. Applying for an adoptive home study requires an application form to be completed, and an application fee to be paid. You will find this form on under the “Forms” tab. Select “Application for Services” to submit your application and fee.

After receiving and reviewing your application and determining eligibility to work together,  you will receive an approval email. An approval email is the first step in your adoptive home study process and it means you are one step closer to your goal of adoption.

Step Three: Begin Your Home Study Paperwork

While you are required to apply for the adoptive home study, the paperwork is provided during your initial meeting. Once you receive approval you can begin the home study paperwork at your leisure.   The home study process represents reaching the first major step on this journey to expanding your family, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

Contact Adoption & Beyond to Get Started

Adoption & Beyond believes every child deserves a loving family, and we work hard to ensure that each child is placed with parents who will love and nurture them. Our team has helped successfully place many children with adoptive families and bringing new families together is one of our greatest rewards.

We are a non-profit adoption agency, and as such, we are passionate about what we do. From the very first application, you fill out, to the first time you meet your child we will be by your side every step of the way. 

To learn ways to make adoption more affordable for your family, select “Financial Assistance” to learn more about these benefits.

To speak with an Adoption & Beyond adoption coordinator today, call us at 913-381-6919, or fill out a consultation form on our website. 

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