Bravelove – Why Adoption? Lacy’s Story

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Adoption & Beyond is a partner agency with BraveLove – a pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for their brave decision – and together we bring you some honest stories directly from birth parents. Today, we share with you Lacy’s story as she finds her voice during her adoption journey. Watch the video below to hear more about her story.

“I learned that I had control over my options, and I could have a say in the kind of life that my child was going to live — even if it wasn’t going to be with me.”

Lacy was in high school when she found out she was pregnant.  What felt like the start of an exciting new chapter quickly shifted to a harsher reality.  Life seemed out of control.  Without support, a partner, and stability, Lacy decided to make an adoption plan.

When Lacy learned about open adoption her decision to place became more conceivable.

This is Lacy’s story and why she chose adoption.

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