Adoption Works Best for Birth Parents with These Three Key Steps

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Adoption is a beautiful thing. It offers the gift of family to children and parents-to-be in need. As a biological parent seeking a safe and loving place for a child to learn and grow, working with a not-for-profit adoption agency is the best chance for a successful placement. Having the support you need from beginning to end will provide peace of mind and a positive experience.

The adoption process is emotional. For biological parents, there’s a lot to consider as you undertake the journey of placing a child. At Adoption & Beyond we work with many families on both sides of adoption. We understand what goes into a successful adoption, and we strive to ease the process as much as possible for everyone we work with. Here are three steps we recommend birth parents take during the adoption process.

1. You Work Closely with a Dedicated Adoption Coordinator

When you work with an adoption agency like Adoption & Beyond, you’re assigned a dedicated adoption coordinator. Our adoption coordinator helps one on one to prepare you for the long path ahead. This is a shoulder to lean on and a resource for information as you, the birth father, and the supports you have in place move forward to place a child with a family.

Working with a dedicated adoption coordinator guarantees you are never alone. Your coordinator will supply you with the tools and information you need to find the best family for a child, and the best support for you as you undergo such an important life decision.

2. Choosing Parents with Qualities Which are Important to You

Choosing a family for a child is no easy decision. There are many factors to consider, aside from how nice a family appears in a photo. Some things to focus on include:

  • Financial stability
  • Physical and mental health
  • Current family size
  • Location and home setting
  • Religion and languages

Finding the attributes that are truly important to you provides comfort and closure when you finally choose the right family.

3. Meet Adoptive Parents in Person

It is not always enough to learn about an adoptive family on paper. Meeting potential parents in person gives a more thorough sense of who they are as people. It also opens doors to continued relationships in the future.

Placing a child is a big responsibility and meeting potential families allows you to see them as people rather than paperwork. Communicating in person also creates an air of familiarity and may relax you during such a trying process.

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In Kansas and Missouri, working with a not-for-profit child-placing agency bridges the gap between adoptive and birth parents. At Adoption & Beyond, we respect and value life and family.

If you are seeking help placing a child, or trying to build a family of your own, contact us today. Adoption & Beyond assists with private, domestic, international, and embryo adoption. Our services are here to support all parents and children as they embark on the adoptive journey together. 

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