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Adoption can be a wonderful way to start or expand your family. However, the process can sometimes feel overwhelming and lengthy. If you’re currently in the adoption process or considering adoption, you may be wondering how you can speed up the process and be paired with an expecting mother sooner. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to increase the speed of adoption and make the process more efficient. In this post, we’ll explore five ways to make the adoption process quicker and easier. These tips will help you navigate the adoption process with greater ease and hopefully bring you closer to welcoming a child into your family.

Here are 5 ways to adopt faster:

  1. Preferences.
    The more open you are to certain preferences, the more quickly you’ll be chosen because you’ll have more opportunities to be presented to expecting moms. When you begin the process, you’re going to choose preferences which are things that you’re open to about the adoption process or about the child. One example of a preference is prenatal exposure, where a parent is open to adopting a child who may have been exposed prenatally to drugs or alcohol.
  2. Openness to mental health.
    The more open you are to the different mental health backgrounds of expecting parents, the faster you’ll be matched with a child. Some mental health disorders could be more common, like anxiety or depression, while others may be more extreme, like bipolar or schizophrenia.
  3. Openness to race.
    The more open you are to the race of your child, the more opportunities you’ll have to be presented to expecting moms.
  4. Money.
    The more money you have in your adoption budget, the more opportunities you’ll have to be matched with a child. Some adoptions cost more than others, possibly because of a lack of medical coverage or living expenses that the expecting mom needs help with or simply because some agencies are more expensive than others. Generally, there’s a correlation between the ones that are more expensive and the number of placements they do. The direct reason for that is just the amount of marketing dollars that they put toward reaching expecting parents.
  5. Work with more than one professional.
    Piggybacking off of point number 4, the more money you have in your budget, the more opportunities you’ll have to sign up with more than one adoption professional. The more professionals you work with, the more you’ll be able to put yourself in front of more expecting parents.

By keeping your options open and having more financial flexibility, the adoption process will run much quicker. However, even if you’re limited financially, and your preferences aren’t as open, there’s still opportunities for the right child will come to you before you know it. Remember, when it comes to adoption, you just have to start somewhere.

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