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We are a bi-racial family with Kenyan & Danish roots. We have a 7 year old daughter, also adopted. Torben is a Computer Science professor, & Joyce is a home-maker & homeschooler.
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Dear expectant parent,

Our names are Torben and Joyce. We have been married for 10 years and have we a seven-year old daughter, also adopted. She is our joy and we would love to give her a sibling. Perhaps you are the miracle we have been praying for, and our lives will be entwined by our love for one child. We pray that God would direct each of us, according to His will.

Love and blessings on you and your baby,

Torben and Joyce

About Us

About Torben Amtoft

(By Joyce): Torben was born and raised in Denmark. He is a classic introvert whose favorite activity after work is quiet family time at home. He is a brilliant computer scientist and teaches at a local university. He is a wonderful husband, the sweetest and most generous man I know. He is a devoted father and I love watching him play with our daughter. He will get on his hands and knees and play being a horse for her; he'll read endless books to her; and happily submit to being cast as various characters in the many little plays she comes up with. Most recently, he has been teaching her to play checkers and chess, a delicate task since as our six-year-old is not fond of losing ? I like to tease him that one of the reasons he wants another child is to make up a 4th so we can play bridge as a family.

About Joyce Amtoft

(By Torben): Joyce was born in Kenya, and came to the US as a graduate student. She has a high sense of responsibility, which our daughter and I benefit from each day as she makes our household run smoothly, educates our daughter and teaches her the ways of life, and organizes play dates. Joyce is an introvert, in that she appreciates time on her own and needs to recharge after engaging with people she does not know well. But she immensely enjoys company and conversations with close friends. Joyce is very keen on doing what is right in the eyes of God. This involves getting engaged in the local community, and helping friends and family in need. She aims to transmit these values to our children. I feel very proud of Joyce when we are with others: she is always very considerate, trying to engage and encourage others. In general, Joyce often takes the initiative for fun (and even mischief), and has a quick wit, excelling in word plays.

Activities We Enjoy

As a family, we enjoy playing board games and card games. Currently, blokus, checkers and Go Fish are favorites. Torben and Joyce like to play competitive games of scrabble and bananagrams on a Sunday afternoon. We love bike rides and taking walks. Joyce enjoys gardening and involves our daughter in her gardening endeavors, which include renting a community garden plot.