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Thank you for taking the time to read our page. We understand how important this selfless decision is and how difficult it must be select someone to parent your child.
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Thank you for taking the time to read our page. We understand how important this selfless decision is and how difficult it must be select someone to parent your child.

We, Seth and Rachel, are excited to provide you a glimpse into our lives and why we're looking to adopt.

We initially met back in 2008 when Seth was working at a local hospital and Rachel was senior in college doing a mini-internship at there. We had instant chemistry: being playful and flirty during our few short hours together. As fate would have it, a couple of weeks later when KU won the 2008 basketball championship, we both happened to be in Lawrence and found each other in the throngs of celebrating fans. After getting Rachel's number, we had our first date: go-karts and Oklahoma Joe's BBQ.

After dating for a few years, we got engaged and were married in Kansas City on November 5, 2011, surrounded by our family and friends.

Three years into our marriage, we were blessed when Rachel became pregnant and delivered a healthy, happy and loving boy named Theodore in August of 2014. In a scary moment for our marriage, Rachel developed a health condition two months after the delivery and though she rebounded quickly and has been blessed with a clean bill of health, we all agreed it would be best if we adopted for future children instead of risking any negative health outcomes.

We've both always wanted a big family and refused to let something like this prevent us from achieving that dream. After months of grieving over our inability to have another biological child, we began the journey towards adopting a child into our lives. Rachel grew up around adoptions as she has three adopted cousins in her extended family so adoption has always been part of her life.

We have so much love to provide a child and will treat our adopted child as our own, regardless of the fact that they don't look like us or have our genes. We just want to be there for our children, raise them the right way and help them achieve their dreams.

We're looking forward to meeting you and building a special relationship that can only be found between adopted and birth parents.

About Us

About Seth Jeremy Katz

Seth is a very funny, silly, nerdy guy who enjoys to goof around and spend time with his family. He loves to play basketball, guitar, read and has found a hidden passion for writing having published his first novel in 2016. For work, he's a hospital administrator where he's worked for over ten years. Additionally, Seth is an adjunct faculty professor at a local university and sits on various philanthropic boards.

About Rachel-Lizbeth Feldman Katz

Rachel has found her calling as a mother, discovering the experience more rewarding that she ever could've imagined. She truly can't wait to get up each day and spend time with her son. She enjoys reading, spending time with her friends and watching Netflix while cuddling with her cat Scout. For work, Rachel is a project manager at an IT company where she's worked for seven years.

Activities We Enjoy

We love spending as much time together as a family as we can. We're quite active, going to parks or on walks almost every night when the weather is nice, or heading to a local play place like Urban Air where Theodore can run around and play with other kids. Being that we're a little silly, we try to find odd things we can do as a family such as attending Kansas City's Comic-Con, playing at Legoland, going to the circus, heading to Rollerderby events and more. Family is very important for both us and we are blessed that our immediate families live close by so we can share experiences frequently.