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There is nothing we want more than to share the joy in our lives and provide the love of a compassionate sister and parents with your child.
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We're touched that you are devoting your time to look at this glimpse into who we are, the parents we’ve become and the family who will love and support your precious child. We are grateful that you are considering us to be your child's family. There is nothing we want more than to share the joy in our lives and the love of a compassionate sister and parents with your child. The environment and the family in which your child will be raised are playful, educational, supportive, nurturing and loving. Your child will be surrounded by wonderful influences, teachers, positive role models, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, a big sister and most importantly an indescribable amount of love. We want the best life possible for your child, and we will do absolutely everything to make this a reality.

There is a quote by an unknown author that says, “They may not have my eyes, they may not have my smile, but they have all my heart.” It relates so well to the adoption journey we have had thus far with our first adopted daughter. We want to continue on this amazing adoption journey by providing a loving home to another child in our family. We can’t wait to welcome a sibling into our nurturing home full of unconditional love!

About Us

About Micah
My wife Micah is my best friend, and she is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. Creative, affectionate and generous are a few words to describe Micah. She has a smile and fun-loving personality that people are drawn to. The one thing I value about Micah the most is her big heart. Micah will go out of her way to help anyone in need of support. I admire how Micah always puts forth her best effort in everything she does. Micah has always been drawn to children. Right after we got married, she started a photography business that focused on child portraits and then worked at a children’s day care center. Now, Micah stays home with our daughter Peyton. Everyday Micah does such an amazing job nuturing Peyton. I always knew Micah would be a great mother, and I enjoy watching her with Peyton and the relationship they have.
About Mark

Mark is an incredible man with so much love to give. He has tremendous love for life, his family, his friends, his wife and daughter. He is my best friend and my partner in life. One of the things I love about him is his sense of humor. It is infectious. He has a carefree spirit. He is a blast to be around, and all the children in our life cling to him because of it. He is responsible, honest, generous and the most loyal person I have ever met in my life. Since the day I met him, he has wanted children. Mark has been an incredible father to our little girl. I love watching him interact with Peyton. All of the things I love about him are amplified when he is with Peyton. Mark is also extremely creative. He’s a partner and creative director at an advertising agency. He has so many wonderful qualities that he brings to our life, and I can’t wait for those to shine through as the father in our growing family.

Activities We Enjoy

First and foremost, the most important activity in our lives is being parents to our daughter Peyton, and we absolutely love it! A great deal of our time is spent doing kid-friendly, family activities. We spend hours at the park - flying kites, climbing playground equipment, swinging, going on nature walks and treasure hunting down by the creek. Splash parks and swimming pools are a big hit for us in the summer. Summertime is also boating season. Being on the lake is one of our very favorite family activities for the three of us and for extended family and friends. Since the water is such a big part of our lives, Peyton started intense swim lessons when she was two years old and now swims on a team. We all enjoy watching her develop her skills as swimmer. We have a sweet dog Taylor, who we take to the dog park and on walks in the neighborhood. Peyton loves to chase her around the house, and Taylor secretly loves it too. The majority of our extended family and friends live near us, so we are lucky to be able to celebrate birthdays and holidays with them. It is also so much fun for us to throw together last minute BBQs with our friends. We all have young children who have a blast playing together. For those friends and family that don’t live in town, we are fortunate enough to be able to travel to see them - road trips to Lake Michigan and flights to the oceans.