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Hoping to grow our family through the love of adoption
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Letter of Introduction

Dear Expectant Parents,

We are Kevin and Kristen.  We appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and learning a little bit more about us. We have been married for almost 11 years.  We knew very early on in our relationship that we would be unable to have children, and knew right away that we would choose the path of adoption to complete our family. We were blessed with the love of adoption with our son, Gage, in 2014, and we are looking to continue to grow our family through the support of adoption again.

Our hope is that this profile gives you some information about who we are. Whether or not you choose the path of adoption for you and your child, we hope that you find peace in the decision that you make.  Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about us!

Kevin & Kristen

About Us

About Kristen

Kristen grew up in Chicago in a large Catholic Italian/German family with four older sisters (her poor dad!).  Some of her fondest memories of childhood include following her sisters around wherever they went, eating dinners together as a family and telling stories about the day, and going on family vacations and singing along to the Stand-by-Me soundtrack (Virginia Beach Island, Niagara Falls, Cancun, etc.).  Though her family lives in multiple states throughout the U.S. now, Kristen still remains extremely close to all of her parents, sisters and 12 nieces and nephews (Facetime makes this easy!).

Kristen has been a pediatric nurse for 12 years.  She has recently taken a nursing leadership position within her organization and loves the interaction she has with the patients and families each and every day (her office is right off of the waiting room and she keeps the door open for the kiddos to come in and visit!).  She has had many instances of past patients running up to her and giving her a big hug when she is out to dinner-what a rewarding job!

In her free time Kristen enjoys catching up on the latest celebrity gossip (thanks US Weekly!), watching HGTV or Bravo, baking with her son (he loves to make muffins with mom!), hanging out with neighbors while her son plays with the neighbor kids, and going on dates nights with Kevin to some of their favorite restaurants.  She also has a travel bug and her bucket list includes taking her family to Italy, Alaska, Hawaii, and France.


About Kevin

Kevin grew up in sunny Florida (rough life!).  Much of his childhood included playing soccer (he was a goalie), enjoying his family's boat (Slide Tackle), and hanging out with his brother and cousins.  One of the first things he told Kristen when they were matched with Gage was, "I can't wait to take him on his first boat ride!"  He grew up near all of his Aunts and Uncles and remembers spending almost just as much time at their houses as he did his!

Kevin works at the same hospital as Kristen as a Hospital administrator (yes we carpool together).  Much of his job involves advocating for patients and their families and ensuring the hospital is able to provide necessary resources to the community.  He spends a lot of his days walking the hallways of the hospital, visiting with patients, and talking with the staff.  He enjoys taking part of many philanthropy events that help support the hospital and community which typically involves golfing, eating fancy dinners, and recognizing exceptional employees (rough job!).

Much of Kevin's free-time involves training for triathlons.  He has completed two full Ironman events and plans to continue to compete for many years.  He also loves watching Billions or any car shows (he loves Street Outlaws).  He has met many great friends through training for triathlons and work and loves to spend time with them whenever possible.  His family is big into BBQ, and Kevin has been working on mastering his BBQ skills.


Activities We Enjoy

From weekend trips to the lake, to vacations to the ocean, to long days at the community pool-our favorite family memories tend to always include water!  Our son frequently asks, "when are we going to the Lake?"

We also love Holidays and enjoy passing on family traditions (making Gingerbread houses and Dying Easter Eggs is a must!).  These were some of our favorite memories growing up and we love passing them on!

About two years ago we started the tradition of Family Movie Night.  Once a week our son gets to the pick a movie to watch as a family.  We make popcorn and put little marshmallows inside for a treat!  He loves cuddling up with us and asking questions about the movie (he tends to talk throughout the entire show).

Finally, we love to celebrate the seasons and do activities that go with each season.  In the Summer we pick strawberries and swim a lot, in the Winter we sled and ice skate, in the Fall we go apple picking and visit the farm to pick pumpkins, and in the Spring we always make a garden.