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Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us through these pages. We haven't officially met yet, but regardless of whether you choose to meet us, we are praying for you and wishing you a safe and smooth pregnancy. We hope that you feel empowered and respected as you make the best decision you can regarding your child's future.


You should know that we are over-the-moon excited about adding a second child to our family. Although Caleb is our son by birth, we have always hoped that adoption would be part of our story as well. Rachel works with foster and adopted kids as a music therapist and has a huge heart for kids who need a loving, stable home. We both very much believe that it takes love to make a family, and that love doesn't always come with biological ties.


As an expectant parent who could potentially choose to meet with us, you deserve to know a few promises we will make to whoever decides to place their child into our family.


* We promise to discuss our child's adoption story with him or her openly from the beginning, and we want to empower them to embrace that piece of their story. We will teach him or her to respect and honor his or her birth parents for making such a loving choice.


* We promise to maintain ongoing communication with our child's birth parents throughout the child's life to the degree that they are comfortable and open to this idea.


*We promise to do our best to teach both our kids to be kind, honest, respectful people while ensuring that they know we will always love them, even when they mess up.


*We promise to love, cherish, and protect our child by adoption with the same degree of overwhelmingly gushy love that we dish out to Caleb. Caleb promises to give out his own doses of gushy love as well.

About Us

About Kevin

In Rachel's words: Kevin is my best friend and favorite person on this planet. I admire how my selfless, humble guy works so hard and never expects high praise or recognition. I admire that he's fiercely loyal to people he loves and has a huge heart that loves to help others. As a dad, Kevin is goofy, creative, and enters our son's world to share interests with him. He is gentle and patient with our son no matter what. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life or father to our kids. He's the best!


Kevin is a training specialist for a transportation company. He builds relationships with terminal supervisors and managers throughout the Midwest, helps them improve processes at their terminals, and helps train newer supervisors to feel more comfortable in their positions. He's a natural teacher and absolutely loves his job.


Kevin's favorite things (other than Rachel and Caleb) include: juggling, baseball, BBQ, ping pong, Legos, family game night, This is Us, raspberry desserts, Bon Jovi, and Field of Dreams.

About Rachel

In Kevin's words: Rachel is the most caring person that I know. She is my soul mate and the best partner in life that I could ask for. She selflessly gives her time and energy every day to our son and myself. As a mom, Rachel is loving, nurturing and creative in her time spent with our son. She is constantly encouraging him to explore his interests while introducing him to new things as well. I couldn't ask for a better mom for Caleb, and I know she will be an amazing mom to our future child as well.


Rachel is a music therapist at a children's psychiatric hospital. She works with kids who have experienced trauma and need extra support to stay safe and heal. Rachel uses music to help her clients relax, cope, practice healthy skills, and find hope. Rachel is fulfilled and inspired by the work she does and is part of a great team. Rachel will take three months off when the baby arrives, and her awesome supervisor will then support Rachel in taking on a part-time schedule if needed.


Rachel's favorite things (other than Kevin and Caleb) include: playing piano, cheesy pasta, puzzles, kayaking, going to the park, The Voice, Irish Rock, Patch Adams, and dark chocolate.

Activities We Enjoy

We are a family of goofballs, and we love to have fun adventures together and make each other laugh. Kevin keeps us entertained with his unsuccessful attempts to teach Rachel to juggle, and Rachel enjoys making up high energy piano music for Kevin and Caleb to dance to.
All three of us tend to feel happy and restored when we spend time outside, so much of our family time is spent playing baseball, going to the park, chasing each other around the backyard, and finding new walking/biking trails to check out. When we visit Rachel's parents' lake house, we get to further enjoy the great outdoors by kayaking, tubing, swimming and fishing.
Kevin and Rachel definitely believe in supporting the interests of Caleb and our future child to help them get a great deal of enjoyment and excitement out of their lives. Kevin supported Caleb's monster truck obsession by taking Caleb to Monster Jam (which he talked about for months). When Caleb became interested in all things "Star Wars", Rachel delighted in dressing up as Princess Lea for Halloween alongside her cute little Yoda.
We are also active members of a local United Methodist Church, which is a progressive, service-oriented church with a strong, vibrant community. Rachel participates in the worship music team, and Kevin and Rachel meet weekly with a group of church friends for spiritual study and fellowship. Caleb enjoys visiting with everyone and singing along with the "Jesus music" during our contemporary worship services. And of course, he always looks forward to grabbing a doughnut and giving the pastor a high five afterward.