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THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read the story of us! We hope that you will see that we are a FUN LOVING couple that enjoys life. We are so excited to pursue adoption and are very grateful for the love that you are showing by considering an adoption plan for your child. Please know that we will give your child a home life filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS.

We met in 2010 at an Elton John concert (of all places.) We happened to sit next to each other and felt sparks instantly - it was fate. We ended up going on our first date a week later to an art museum and the two of us were immediately comfortable around each other. Since then, we've enjoyed countless adventures together. We got married in 2014, and we just celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary.

In anticipation of growing our family, we recently bought a house in Kansas City, MO. Our house is perfect for kids to run around and play and we even have a large playset in our backyard waiting to be used. Our wonderful neighborhood is full of young families and children playing outside. Our family and friends live nearby and can't wait to be a part of our child's life.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us – we can't wait to learn about you. We welcome you as a member of our extended family in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Both of us strongly believe in the benefits of an open adoption, and intend to honor our child's roots and adoption story. They'll always know that your love is what brought them to us.

Please don't hesitate to contact Adoption & Beyond. Our home and our hearts are open to you and your child.

Wishing you the best,
Jessi & Keith

About Us

About Jessi
In Keith's words - Jessi is my best friend! She is the most caring person I have ever known. She has a bright future at Cerner, where she has worked for the past 10 years and excels at her job. Jessi loves to cook and is in a dinner club with her friends. She loves spending time with her niece, Quinn, and I know she will make a great mother because of the way she is caring and kind to everyone that she encounters. Those that know Jessi would agree that she is very loyal and thoughtful, and has always been meant to be a mother. Jessi was raised primarily by her grandparents, whom I have come to know and love. Jessi’s cousins, Jade and Chelcea, were both adopted from China as babies. Jessi and her family love Jade and Chelcea as their own, and I know if we adopt a child it would be the same for us and our families.
About Keith

In Jessi's words - Keith is my favorite person. I am awed by his patience, his quiet strength, and his general good nature. He is supportive and loving. He excels at his job, doing accounting and auditing for the State of Missouri for the past 10 years, and loves the challenge of solving a problem. He works hard but is always home in time for us to make dinner together. We are fortunate that he has a job with flexibility to his schedule to make time for our future children. Keith is very thoughtful and always wants to make sure I am safe if I'm coming home late. He loves to try new recipes and "wow" me with his grilling. He is calm, patient and the perfect balance to my personality. I love many things about him, but the thing I love the most is knowing that he is going to be an amazing father. I see glimpses of it all the time with our niece and our friends’ children. He has a love for learning that he enjoys sharing with children. I cant wait to see what fun awaits us as we start our family.

Activities We Enjoy

We love doing so many things together. You can often find us seeing a local band in Kansas City. We have always enjoyed supporting the local bands that are just starting out. We love to try out new recipes together and cooking at home. Keith loves to try out new techniques on the grill while Jessi is a baker at heart. On the weekends we will find time to walk and bike at the nearby trails and parks. We can't wait to include our kids in this fun activity on the weekends. Our Newfoundland dog also likes to come out with us on these adventures. Our new home is ideal for having family and friends over to entertain. We have a perfect patio outside and fire pit to gather around.