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Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile. We are thrilled you would consider us as adoptive parents. Hopefully this glimpse into our lives will make your decision an easier one.
Words cannot describe how grateful we are that you have chosen adoption for your child. Your strength and courage in making this decision are second to none. Wherever life leads you, please take comfort in knowing your selflessness is truly a blessing to a couple like us and to your child.
Our journey started when we began dating in college. From the very first date, we knew we had something special. We've now been married for 10 amazing years.
We always knew we wanted children but just weren't sure when it would happen. After working with infertility specialists, we came to the conclusion that adoption was the way to go. We believe everything in life happens for a reason and we are meant to have an adopted child. We want nothing more than to share the love we have for each other with a child of our own. Now, more than ever, we are ready to adopt that child.
In anticipation of our growing family, we built a new home in 2012. We live in a wonderful neighborhood filled with young families. We have two community pools and three parks within walking distance. The Catholic Church we belong to is just a mile away. We love our quaint suburban neighborhood. Family and some of our closest friends live near by and can't wait to be involved in our child's life.

About Us

About Joe

In Debbie's words - One of the reasons I love this man so much is because we can be so silly together. We're always laughing and making light of everything. He can always make me smile. Joe is a pretty easy going and laid back guy, but on the flip side, he's also the most responsible and determined person I know. Joe can do anything he sets his mind to. Joe is also what I like to call a baby whisperer. Thanks to his patience and charm, he can put any fussy baby to sleep. Little kids just love this guy. Other aunties and uncles are chopped liver when Joe's around the youngsters. As jealous as I can be of this trait, it makes me love him even more. He's truly my best friend.

About Debbie

In Joe's words - My wife is one of the sweetest most loving people you could ever meet. I like to describe her as one big heart. This portion of her personality shines when she is around babies and/or dogs. The abundance of love she possess has always been an inspiration to me. Also, she has a great sense of humor that makes me laugh out load every day. She is quite intelligent and all of our friends and family tease her for having so much "useless knowledge". You'd certainly want her on your Trivial Pursuit team. Finally, what I admire most about Debbie is her toughness. Through the ups an downs of life, she has maintained a positive attitude when she had every reason not to.

Activities We Enjoy

The two things we love most in this life, other than each other, are traveling and sports. Each year we try to take at least one big trip. This year we went back to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary. We also take family trips to Colorado a few times a year. We can't wait for our child to experience the beauty and adventure of the Rocky Mountains. When we're on the road we like to catch a baseball game. Together we've been to 11 different stadiums. Some day we hope to take our little one and make it to all 30 MLB ball parks. When we're not away from home, we love going to Royals and Chiefs games. Our ideal night is heading out to the Royals game, having a few brats, beverages and sharing a bag of peanuts. Royals baseball games are likely playing on our TV in the evenings during the season and we never miss a Chiefs game on Sundays. Our new home is ideal for entertaining so we love having friends and family over for big dinners. In our spare time we both like getting outside with the dogs and reading.