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Letter of Introduction

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never break.” 

Thank you for choosing to look at our page and get acquainted with our family. We know that the events that have led you to look through profiles have been life-altering and far from easy, and we want you to know that we are, first and foremost, grateful for the brave choice you’re making for your child.

In the words and pictures that follow, we hope to assure you that we are committed to loving your child and inviting him or her to be a cherished part of our supportive family. Our parents are excited to have another grandchild. They have modeled commitment for us for our entire lives. Because of what we’ve seen from them, we know the benefit of strong, kind, committed families, and we want our marriage to result in extending this foundation of kindness and love to another generation.

We couldn’t be happier about the possibility of this chapter of our story intersecting with yours to form a new story. Your child will always be able to easily identify the people who love him or her and will always know the value of the gift that you gave.

Your story is important to us. Although we don’t yet know you or your baby, we have been thinking and praying about meeting you for some time. We are committed to welcoming your child into our family with open arms and gladly giving him or her all we have to offer.

About Us

What Austin says about Hillary

Hillary’s sense of humor, intelligence, and clear communication first drew me to her. Hillary can tell great stories, many of which are the product of her interactions with the kids she watches every day. She shares my enthusiasm for creating an inviting home–both indoors and out–so that we can spend time entertaining friends. Hillary is the most loyal friend I’ve ever known; she has maintained some of the same close relationships for more than a decade, which doesn’t happen by accident. She makes sacrifices to let her friends know they are valued, and she’s always available to laugh, cry, or just sit with them. I have a tendency to be hard on myself, but because of her kindness, I have developed more generosity toward myself. Hillary’s friends often ask for advice about difficult life situations, tough choices, and how to best care for their kids. They come to Hillary because she is trustworthy and a great listener.

What Hillary says about Austin

Austin is the smartest and most thoughtful person I know. I don’t know anyone who does a better job loving me or taking care of our family than he does. He is a hard worker, puts lots of thought into his words and choices, and treats me with kindness. He also thinks I am the funniest person he knows, which is helpful, because I think so too. Austin likes running, riding his bike, and reading. One of my favorite things to do with Austin is to go out to breakfast and drink good coffee. He is my favorite person to share adventures with.

Activities We Enjoy

some of our favorite things...
reading (especially when the kids in our lives climb into our laps with books) traveling, the ocean, preparing and eating all kinds of breakfast foods, cooking and eating dinner together, drinking coffee, watching movies, writing, running marathons (or holding a sign and cheering for the marathon runner), being outside, being with friends, listening to live music together