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We are a fun-loving, responsible, compassionate couple who would love to become parents.
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Letter of Introduction

Whether you choose to meet us, please know how much we admire your faith and bravery to consider adoption as an option for your baby.  Just as we try to be aware of our inability to fully understand the difficulty in your decision, we hope that you can understand how much of a hero you will be in our lives, forever!

We know that your decision requires compassion, selflessness, and courage; There are no words to explain how grateful we are for you!  We can, however, offer you several promises about our family:

  1. We promise to always take care of your baby better than ourselves.
  2. We promise to raise your baby to be proud of who they are and to protect others, when needed.
  3. We promise to defend their right to always be themselves.
  4. We promise to teach that they must open their arms to change, while never giving up on their values.
  5. We promise to teach them to be gentle with the earth.
  6. We promise to teach them to respect themselves and always take responsibility for their actions.
  7. We promise to teach them to know all the rules, so that they may break them properly.
  8. We promise that, at least once a year, we will all go someplace we have never been before.
  9. We promise to understand that, sometimes, we're going to be wrong.
  10. We promise to love your baby, without limits, forever.

Thank you for your beautiful choice!  Should you choose us to become a part of your life's story, please know that you will forever be our hero.  We will forever cherish and honor you for being so loving in allowing us to become a family.


Just after he finished graduate school, Keenan was asked to play bass in touring band (that just happened to be my favorite!) and I traveled from Manhattan, KS, to see them perform one night in in Lawrence. Keenan and I met after the show while he was selling CDs and T-shirts and we just became instant friends!  After a year or two of keeping in touch from a distance and seeing each other when we could, Keenan finally asked me out on a date.  He asked me to marry him only a few months later and, for some reason, we both just knew

Now here we are, joyfully married for more than ten years! What’s seems crazy to us is that our experience with the adoption process has taught us so much more about ourselves. We don’t pretend to be experts, but we think we have come to understand the real reasons why people love to be around one another and it’s not about Valentine’s Day presents or fancy dinners.  For example, we appreciate allowing each other to express ourselves freely and honestly.  We support one another to pursue our own interests.  We make decisions together.  If we disagree, we always respect each other and strive to understand why one of us sees things differently.  When we’re wrong, we apologize.  The dedication and honesty that makes our love so great are the foundations of a respect that we now offer to you and your baby.


About Us


Keenan is the love of my life. He is someone that others count on when times are tough and will lead the celebration when good things happen.  What I love most about Keenan is his constant smile and sense of humor – He was born to be a dad!  Kids of all ages adore his energy and he knows how to make people feel special. 

My husband is a hard worker and dedicated to his employees and the families they work with. He built his successful therapy business on his own while he was completing requirements for his PhD and made it look effortless!  Also, I have never known a person with such a natural ability to teach others.  Whether it’s the therapists and families he works with, the graduate students and professionals that pay to attend his classes, or even the kids next door that want to learn to throw a baseball or play guitar – He is great at sharing his love for what he knows while helping others to learn on their own. 

Keenan is a speech and language pathologist who owns a company that provides services to children with autism.  He has a passion for life that becomes contagious to those around him. He loves to fish and cook and work on things around our house.  He performs in bands, writes, paints…he is even co-producing a documentary film about parents of children with autism. 

Despite all of his work and responsibilities, my husband will always be a kid at heart. I am so comforted by his caring nature and reliable determination, but it’s his playful outlook on life and love for helping others that makes him the best part of every one of my days and will make him the greatest dad in the world! 


Emily is the most beautiful woman in the world.  Her love for her family, for animals, for children, and even for people she has never met…is what initially attracted me to her and continues to fascinate me every day.  Based on her personality and character, she found her career as a registered nurse in labor and delivery to be a perfect fit.  After ten years of marriage, it is her genuine character and caring personality that make me wish that I had met her even sooner. 

Her sense of humor and genuine sincerity cause so many people to consider her their best friend, because she would do anything for the people she loves. She loves to go shopping, take walks with our dogs, have friends over for cookouts, take her kayak for long tours around our lake, and take our 4-year-old twin niece and nephew out for adventures.

Emily loves to be outside and is great in just about every single sport she has ever attempted. She played volleyball, basketball, and softball through high school.  Her freshman year at Kansas State University, she even walked on to the crew team, receiving an athletic scholarship without ever having competitively rowed a boat a single day in her life!  She is confident, fun, and was just crazy enough to marry me…I’m incredibly lucky!!

Most of our friends and family have children and we have loved spending every moment with them over the years. Because of her consistent love and attention to them, Emily is a favorite person and is even considered a “reward” for so many of the kids we know.  She is so ready to be a mom and I can’t wait to start our own family together!

Activities We Enjoy

When we aren’t working, we are frequently surrounded by friends and family in our inviting home. Of course, we always make time for each other!  We are usually playing games together, attending Royals games,  playing catch, taking the pontoon boat out with family, spending time with our twin niece and nephew, or relaxing down on our dock with our dogs, Wilco and Sweet Lou.  We might have fishing poles in our hands, but we always have more laughs together than we ever catch fish.