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Can you picture being part of our family? Before we knew you we prayed for you. We're excited at the potential of you both filling these shadows, and completing our family.
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Letter of Introduction

Have you ever felt something has been placed on your heart for a purpose?  We have! We are Kellen and Emily and have felt called to be adoptive parents since even prior to our years dating. We discovered this commonality after reluctantly agreeing to meet on a blind date and getting to know each other.  After being together for 16 years (married for 13) and having 3 biological children,  we felt the calling once again being placed heavy on our hearts.  Through much research about adoption and praying about the process, birth mother relationships, and babies looking for forever homes, we decided NOW was the perfect time to answer the call!

After sharing the exciting news with our 3 kids, families, and friends, we are so excited to be officially on this journey! We have sincerely prayed for all birth moms and families since we opened our hearts to this idea. We feel we have a lot to offer and have worked so hard to provide the ideal family environment here in North West Kansas. We also realize your bravery and admire you because of the journey you're on.  If you think our journeys could mesh together, let's chat!

About Us

Meet my handsome husband, Kellen

This man stole my heart with his deep blue eyes, charm, caring heart, strong muscles and equally strong values!  Then, we became parents and I fell in love with him all over again and so much deeper!  Kellen enjoys time outside hunting, fishing, playing ball with the kids, working in the garden with our son, running by himself or with me, being a brew-master, and working with his hands on projects around the house.  He's such a hardworking and compassionate rehabilitation director and physical therapist who truly cares for his employees and patients.  After long days at work, he comes home and gives us his full love and attention. You wont find Kellen off on his own at the golf course or a at guys night.  He loves being home with us and soaks in every minute with the kids before bedtime and every extra minute with me before we fall asleep.  As a dad, he has such a deep love for his kids and enjoys playing with them and doing things with and for them.  As a husband,  he is my best friend and biggest support system and partner who loves me with all his heart.  He is the leader of our family and sets a great example for the kids with his hard work and commitment to our family.  We all thank God for him ever single day!

Meet my beautiful wife, Emily!

If you are thinking this woman is truly beautiful, you are correct.  That being said, once you actually know her and her heart and soul, you will really know true beauty.  Emily is a dream wife and the mother books should be written about.  When I first saw her, I was immediately attracted to her.  Then really getting to know her and her values, I was sunk.  I had to marry her.  I'm so glad she said yes.  She seems to only get better and more attractive with time.  Especially as a mother to my children.  Everything she does is for our kids and myself.  She wears many hats.  She is our schedule keeper.  Meal planner.  Photo taker.   Coach.  Role model.  Baker.  Project planner.  Birthday and vacation organizer.  Great housewife.   Snuggler.  Nurse to boo-boos.  Spiritual leader.  Cleaner.  Seamstress.  Best friend.  And these are just a few.  She is the best wife and mother anyone could dream of.  Saying yes to meeting her was the single beat decision I have made in my life.  I thank God for her daily.

Activities We Enjoy

We live for our family. Everything we do is done in order to enjoy each other more. We crave family time! This can be as simple as fixing some snacks and all watch a movie on the couch. Or it could be as extravagant as planning a weeks vacation to Disney world and time on the beach. It is all for more time together, in order to make memories. This won't change. We don't live for material possessions as they quickly are outdated or outgrown. We choose to invest in memories and have tried to structure our lives for just that.

As a couple we still really try to continue to date each other. Even after all these years. Some of the best times we have as a married couple is to get out of the house on a date occasionally. We enjoy trying different restaurants and breweries. Kellen is a wanna-be brewer. We like to run half marathons and challenge ourselves physically. The beautiful trails and landscape of Colorado keeps calling us to explore. We also enjoy attending some professional sporting events. 

As a family we enjoy celebrating our kids individually and as a unit. Our kids are great travelers and enjoy many of the things we do as a couple. Even if they aren't quite as adventurous with trying new things to eat. (seems like we can always find a McDonald's) They too like colorful Colorado and seeing wildlife.  Movies, children's museums, concerts, and the many Zoo's we have been to are always enjoyed.  As a family we also really enjoy staying home and being together. This might involve some baking in the kitchen, board or card games, playing the back yard, heading to the swimming pool, or riding bikes to the playground.

Our girls Teyah and Oakleigh really like sports and do play on many rec teams. Quinten is the best cheerleader and won't be far behind.  We really try to do things right by our children and celebrate them and all their differences. Each child typically has a Birthday week-long celebration with a theme they choose. We do holidays to the fullest extent with decorations and traditions. Christmas seems to be a favorite, however Kellen likes Thanksgiving the most. Might be all the food and football. 

During the school year Teyah and Oakleigh are great students who love to read, but mostly enjoy their friends and recess. Emily coaches the High school volleyball team and is the head coach. Our kids have some of the best role models in these athletes. We all enjoy traveling to games and supporting the best volleyball coach around. Most beautiful as well.  

This is a very very brief synopsis of our lives. We live each day to the fullest and cherish every moment together as a family. One family member's success is all of our success. We truly felt called to embark on this journey. Some said that with biological children we wouldn't be an ideal match. If that is a hesitation for you, that's okay. Hopefully you can see that we truly live for our each other and we still feel we have more love to give. So if the fact we do have biological children doesn't bother you, we would very much look forward to meeting and speaking further.  

Kellen, Emily, and kids