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Letter of Introduction

Big bearded guy and sassy gal looking to become first time parents. Sound like folks you would like to meet? Read on... Hello, we are Jeremy & Bri!   Thanks for reading our profile - we cannot imagine how difficult these next few months will be. We wish we could just sit and chat with you, but this will have to do for now. Our hope is that you can get a little look at what our family is like, what we stand for and what we love to do. Faith, family, friendship and food pretty much describe our fantastic and always loving home. We have a nursery and playroom ready and waiting... We admire your bravery and selflessness. If you choose us to parent your child you will be a forever part of our family.

About Us

Meet the King of BBQ - Jeremy

Jeremy is a hard working, committed and family oriented guy. He works as a manager at a local bank and loves his job because he gets to be around people all day.  Jeremy considers himself Mr. BBQ and loves to cook for family functions. He loves to listen to music, play frisbee with the dogs, take day trips around Kansas City and spend time with family. Family is an important aspect in Jeremy's life.  Jeremy is a big guy and kids are just naturally drawn to him.  He is like a big teddy bear and always has our nieces crawling all over him.  Watching him with these little girls is priceless because he is so big and they are so small.  It is natural to him and they adore him.  Jeremy is so ready to be a daddy.  Watching him interact with children is a solid reminder, every single time, of how wonderful he is going to be. Also, he sold his pride and joy - his cherry red lifted Jeep - because a car seat would not fit in the backseat. He is ready to be a dad and has the roomiest truck on the market to prove it!

Big Mouth, Big Hair, Big Heart- Bri

Bri is the most loyal, honest, caring and funniest person I have ever met.  If you spend any time with Bri she will have you laughing in five minutes. Bri enjoys hosting family dinner parties, crochet, participating in dog rescue and cooking.  Bri will be the best mom.  She is the first one in the door when she knows there will be a baby around, always calling first dibs and always being called the 'baby hog'.  She treats every child she meets with the most love and compassion I have ever seen.  I believe what we have been through with infertility has made Bri stronger, but also more prepared to become a mother.   Bri 'mothers' everyone in our family and friend group.  Bri will make the most wonderful mommy. She will also be the mom with the mommiest vehicle - she can haul 7 people in her new giant car. Goodbye little sporty Honda - Hello soccer mom car!

Activities We Enjoy

We are very active and love to be surrounded by loved ones.  We live near family so there is always a stream of aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents, great grandparents and too many cousins to count nearby at all times.  As a family we enjoy cooking family dinners at our home, taking day trips around the city, playing with the dogs and just spending quality time together. We bought our 3 bedroom home to fill it with the sound of little feet. Our nieces and nephews truly believe we have the best driveway for bike riding, sidewalk chalk masterpieces and basketball games. The backyard is our oasis for BBQ-ing, yard games and fun evenings on the patio. Our backyard has 20 trees that make the best Easter egg hiding spots, hammock holders and prospective tree house locations.  Our house is always an adventure!   Whether it's hosting a rescue dog and helping them find their forever family, watching the Chiefs with family (resulting in the living room being as loud as Arrowhead Stadium), helping our nephews with homework or having a nail polish party with our nieces - something is always going on here.  We have three dogs, Gracie-Lab, Silas - Italian Greyhound and Leo - Maltese Pomeranian and they are ready for a human sibling.  They love to cuddle and lick, but seem to disappear around diaper changing time. We participate in the Kansas/Missouri chapter for the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.  We enjoy giving back just a little bit of the love our animals give us. At times we can help with transport or have a rescue foster dog in our home until we find them their forever home.  Our activities can range from taking trips to Branson with the entire family, finding our new favorite BBQ joint,  driving to Osceola to visit the cheese factory or having a .99 cent chili dog at the local dive restaurant.  Anything we do together becomes our latest and greatest adventure. We cannot wait until we are driving carpool, going to dance lessons, being on the sidelines at soccer games and doing homework at the kitchen table.  Our next adventure is to become parents and we are so ready for this next chapter!