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We are excited to become first time parents. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Letter of Introduction

Hello, Привет! (Privet - “hello” in Russian) What are the odds that a girl from Russia and a guy from Texas would meet in Atlanta, fall in love, and get married in Kansas?  We ask ourselves that every day.  Despite coming from different countries and cultures we feel like we have known each other our entire lives and have fought to stay together through immigration battles and from incredible distance. 

We are grateful for caring people like you, who want the best for their child and decide that adoption is the best path. It must be an incredibly emotional, trying time for you, but we hope you will take comfort in the fact that we will provide a loving home surrounded by family, laughter and lots of love.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we hope that you find peace wherever this path takes you and your child.

We hope that after reading this you will gain an understanding of our lives, our relationship, and how we will be loving parents. 


Masha and Alex

About Us

About Masha (By Alex)

Masha was born in Sverdlovsk, Russia.  She is the only child of Alexander (Sasha) and Helen Shinder. Her mom speaks english fairly well but her Dad speaks very little. Despite a small language barrier, we have a great time when they visit us.  We love to play soccer in the backyard with Sasha and cook delicious food in the kitchen with Helen.  

Masha is fun, adventurous, and spontaneousness. Masha loves to stay active and healthy.  She teaches yoga on the weekends and enjoys cooking a new healthy recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. My personal favorite dish are her Thumb Print Cookies with fig marmalade filling.

One of things I admire most about Masha is her determination.  After moving to America in 2010, so that we could be together, she flawlessly navigated the maze of immigration paperwork.  I tried to help as much as I could but it was very overwhelming. It took a few years, but throughout the process she remained determined.  We were so excited when she became a US citizen in 2016. 

I also love Masha's fun and silly side.  She makes me smile and laugh with her dancing. She can lighten any mood with her sense of humor and sarcasm. Her personality really shines around kids.  Kids love her.  In fact, our friends love having us over as often possible because Masha leaves their kids exhausted and ready for bed after playing for hours.

Masha currently works at a major name brand dessert food company as a Customer Relations Specialist.  She ensures that customers, like groceries stores, receive their delicious treats on time. 

About Alex (By Masha)

Alex is from Texas.  I was surprised to learn this because he does not have an accent, but sometimes he does say "y'all". His parents and younger brother are very talkative, Alex is the quite one in the family.  He grew up drawing, playing sports, and helping his parents in the garden. 

Alex is the most patient person in the world. He is my anchor.  He is honest and tries his best to make me happy.  I remember when we began dating I would get nervous meeting his friends.  I was afraid that my english was not good enough and that I would not be able to keep up with the conversation or say something wrong.  From the beginning, Alex was patient and would explain jokes, slang, or special phrases.  He made sure I was involved in the conversation and having fun. 

I love his desire to try new things with me. He introduced me to jet skiing, hiking, and snowboarding.  I always wanted to learn how to snowboard but never had someone to go with.  I remember our first time snowboarding, we went to the small local ski resort in Weston, Kansas called Snowcreek. We both fell countless times but laughed and loved every second of it.

I like to ask his advice before making a decision because he will be honest and look at the situation from another point of view. For example, when I decided to invest in yoga teacher training I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up with the classes and that it would be a waste of money.  However, Alex encouraged me to keep with the program and to not give up.  With the help of his encouragement I graduated from the program and now teach yoga on the weekends.

Alex turned his love of drawing into a career.  He is a designer at a Kansas City based design firm.  He uses his drawing and art skills to design camping equipment. We love testing out the new products Alex designs when we go camping.

Activities We Enjoy

Snowboarding is our favorite activity to do together. Every year when the weather starts getting colder, we start getting excited! We love conquering challenging terrain, being outside, and relaxing in the ski lodge completely exhausted. 

We also enjoy movie night at home, board games with friends, sipping coffee on our backyard patio, and looking up at the stars from a campsite.  We love our dog, Swanee.  Swanee is our cute playful Yorky who loves to play fetch with her stuffed animals. She goes with us everywhere and loves to camp.

We have a couple of very close friendships that are really important to us.  We go on vacations, adventures, and relax together. They have young children and we have learned so much from them.  We are lucky to have such great friends.

Masha and I trained together to complete our first marathon. It was hard but we really enjoyed the time together and talking during our runs.  Alex's parents visited us the weekend of that race and they had a blast cheering us on from different parts of the course. 

We love visiting Alex's parents in Texas. They have a small farm that is fun to play on.  We pick and eat fresh fruit and vegetables, play around on one of the six antique tractors that Alex's Dad has collected, and play fetch with their beautiful collie named Sophia. From half way around the world, Masha's parents try to visit once a year.  When they are here we must go see a Sporting Kansas City soccer game because our family loves soccer and Masha father is a two time Russian Soccer amateur league champion.